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drone with hd camera mapping surveillance long range real-time transmission uav
  • drone with hd camera mapping surveillance long range real-time transmission uav

drone with hd camera mapping surveillance long range real-time transmission uav



Min. Order:
Supply Ability: 150 /Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Product Description

Fixed Wing drone
Year Built:
Place of Origin:
Beijing, China (Mainland)
Model Number:
1 set
Product name:
Fixed Wing UAV
Carbon Fibre + Aviation Aluminum
ISO 9001/CE
Brand Name:
Control system:
RC Control
Flight duration:
60 Minutes
Max safe load:
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
standard Export Package
Delivery Detail:
20 days

drone with hd camera mapping surveillance long range real-time transmission uav

The development of high-performance fixed wings(F-3) is specifically for remote sensing monitoring tasks. The F-3 system has high reliability and convenient maneuverability etc. Excellent quality, optimized aerodynamic layout at the same time, equipped with automatic parachute ejection take-off system, it can be mounted to a frame digital camera and completely changed independently operating characteristics, provide users with more convenient, more reliable control, the use of more flexible and more simplified to manipulate personnel training requirements, the operation of F-3 can be 12 hours fast training, one key take-off, fully automatic flight routes, fixed-point landing. To compared with same weight UAV, F-3 has a relatively long flight time. After a series of aerial remote sensing and testing, F-3 remote sensing system has been successfully applied in aerial survey, disaster monitoring and assessment, emergency monitoring, forest fire prevention and fire fighting, investigation of land and resources and other fields..

Product overview

F - 3 adopted big lift-to-drag ratio and excellent performance of the high lift airfoils, provide more equipment installation space and longer battery life. Maximum task load is 1.5 kg, capable to carrying more pixels of image sensor. At the same time, F-3 system automation degree is high, the whole flight process using automatic ejection, automatic open umbrella, no special requirements for the take-off venue, it can adapt to the complex environment, greatly enhance the practicability of small electric Uavs for the common user.

Key points of system:

1,Using high quality composite materials, high precision molds and all kinds of precision parts and electrical and mechanical equipment, guarantee the reliability and stability of the system;

2,Use advanced GPS navigation or RTK positioning system based on high precision flight control, through system integration and software system of secondary development, realize that the aerial could satisfy the requirement of spectral remote sensing and measuring process fully automated and over-the-horizon homework;

3,Equipped with independent development route planning software, according to the measured area polygon vertex coordinates, and all kinds of spectral remote sensing, aerial parameters, such as scale and overlap rate quickly generate optimal flight shooting files and task report.;

4,Equipped with portable ground control station or laptop, available through wireless data link control software real-time monitoring, and job status, flexible flight control of UAV;

5,Professional hyperspectral cameras and digital camera with stable gimbal which can effectively control the attitude of the image within a margin of error;

6,Gyro stabilized elector-optical gimbal, can make the camera stable in any location continuous video monitoring

7,First spectral remote sensing UAV system. Combine camera and the light of advanced performance for UAV system, the initial one to accomplish miniaturization of spectral remote sensing and practical application in domestic..

9,landing distance is short, don't need special runway, strong adaptability;

10, Strong wind resistance, F-3 can steady work under six level;

11,Removable, it can be finished in 15 minutes assembly, debug and recycling without special tools. All the equipment can be loaded in a ten medium size bus..

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drone with hd camera mapping surveillance long range real-time transmission uav Price:$7000.00/Unit

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