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Drone Flight Control System

Flight Control System The UAV flight control system is the "brain" of the UAV system, which mainly completes the functions of flighting, controlling, commanding and task management. Flight control system aims to maintain the UAV attitude and the flight path stability, which including three axial stability: pitch, roll, and heading, and change the aircraft leasing and track according to the command and control instructions from the ground; control and command to complete the release and command decision to the UAV; mission management is responsible for the completion of navigation calculations, telemetry data transmission, mission control and management, which is also the UAV's most important difference from model aircrafts. Common UAV control methods: 1. Remote control: it mainly refers to the operation of real-time and accurate control of the aerodynamic rudder surface and engine status of the aircraft. The operator needs to observe the information in time to monitor the aircraft and control its maneuvers. 2. Program/command control: it refers to the automatically control of the UAV by autopilot according to prepackaged content (preliminary program), so as to complete the predetermined route and planning tasks. 3. Semi-automatic control: it refers to the task control station generates task plan according to the result of the latest situation, loaded into unmanned aerial platform through the data chain, then the platform control system will make decision and control the UAV according to tasks loaded in flight. 4. Autonomous control: Autonomous control means the ability to perceive situations online and to make autonomous decisions and carry out tasks in flight according to certain tasks and principles.

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