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Police Drones

Police UAV refers to unmanned aerial vehicle that can be used in situations such as anti-terrorism monitoring, forest fire protection, anti-riot raid, emergency investigation, crowd dispelling , mass gathering security, rescue and research, traffic patrol and investigation, etc. Police UAV has types like multi-rotor, single wing, fixed wing and composite wing, etc. Its power can be divided into electric power, oil power, electricity-oil hybrid power. Electricity-powered multi-rotor UAV is the more applied type. Police UAV can carry equipment such as cameras, video cameras, thermal infrared imagers, laser radars and synthetic aperture radars, etc. It has investigation and patrol abilities both in daytime and nighttime, it can transmit the image data that has been investigated back to the command posts and traffic police command centers on the ground. A police UAV's monitoring coverage is fifteenth times wider than the ground police force, it can 0x the conventional police vehicle patrol mode and be universally applied in anti-terrorism assault, security patrol, treatment of major mass incidents and aerial patrol and aerial photography of the key roads. As it can post back scene image information in real time, we can use it to finish a lot of tasks such as adopting traffic diversion to deal with the problems of congested roads in advance, investigating the traffic accident spots, providing data analyses and judgment evidences for site disposal, etc.

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