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Target Drones

target drones for sale|aerial target drone manufacturers ,Definition: the target drone/uav refers to a kind of military aircraft in general, which works as the target of shooting training. By employing the remote control or according to the pre-set flight path and mode, this drone/uav could simulate the enemy’s aircraft and missile attack, and provide the realistic moving and shooting targets for various kinds of artillery and the missile system. We can provided various kinds of target drone.uav, including the exclusively manufactured, old aircraft refitted, single-use, and reusable target drone/uav. Target drones, also known as UAT (Unmanned Aerial Target),target drone for missile The target drone/uav can be divided into the following types by speed: 1. Low speed: speed <150m/s 2. Intermediate speed: between 150m/s~250 m/s 3. High speed: speed >250m/s Type Segment Analysis Piston Engine Wankel Engine Turboprop Turbojet Application Segment Analysis Military Aerospace Science Research Others

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