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Airborne Cameras

Aerial cameras refer to devices that are installed at the aircrafts to implement automatic continuous photography on the ground. Aerial cameras can be divided into film aerial cameras and digital aerial cameras. With the fast development of digital technologies, digital aerial cameras are gradually replacing film aerial cameras, digital aerial cameras now are the major mission platforms of UAV aerial photography. There are many classification methods of digital aerial cameras. Acoording to the relative position between the principal optic axes of the photographic lens and the ground, we can divide digital aerial cameras into three types, they are frame, air line and panoramic. While using a frame camera, the direction of its principal optical axis that towards the ground remains unchange, it can obtain a central perspective projection image per exposure. Air line cameras shoot constantly along the flight direction, regardless of the breadth. Panoramic cameras shoot most of or the whole of the width of the ground along the planes horizontally, it can capture the images of large ares as the planes fly forward continously. According to different light sources, we can also divide digital aerial cameras into diurnal, nocturnal and all-purpose, diurnal cameras shoot with the sun light, noctual cameras shoot with artificial lighting and all-purpose cameras can be used both in daytime and nighttime.

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