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Drone Pod

A drone pod is a streamlined nacelle section installed with equipment or weapons (usually called payloads) and is hung under the drone fuselage or wing. The installed pod can provide the aircraft with features not possessed in the first place. The installation of pods usually requires the support of onboard electronic equipment and need to consider the overall aerodynamics of the aircraft. Drone pods are generally installed on medium and large drones. It loads optical cameras, infrared scanners, forward-looking infrared devices, laser radars, television cameras, synthetic aperture radars, communications equipment, and weaponry. Functions and features Observe, search and aim targets at all times during the day and night; Identify and track specific targets during the day and night; With automatic target tracking, real-time reporting of the target position and speed information; The slave mode turns to radar target detection to realize automatic target search; The electronic stable phase ensures the tracking accuracy; Dual viewing field and long focal length ensure clear observation of distant targets; CCD detectors provide visible light imaging; Laser range finder provides target distance information; The carbon-fiber shell and aerospace aluminum alloy structural parts ensure the strength while effectively reducing the overall weight.

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