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Drone Wireless Video Transmitter

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) graphic transmission station refers to the equipment used for the transmission of images of unmanned aerial vehicles, including airborne map transmission stations, ground map radio stations and display terminals. The airborne map transmission station is connected with the load by the data line, and transmits captured images to the ground map transmission station, and then displayed them on the display screen. The radio station is closely related to the task load, which plays a key role in the process of carrying out a task, and a well-behaved graphic transmission station can greatly improve the performance of the entire UVA system. There are two kinds of graphic transmission stations: analog graphic transmission and digital graphic transmission. 1. Analog graphic transmission. Analog graphic transmission refers to the process of the signal source and channel for analog image signals with continuous changes in time, space and amplitude., and the storage process realized through analog channel transmission or through analog recording device. Analog graphic transmission stations were adopted in the early days, and it was characterized by the ability to receive images as long as the transmitter and receiver were working on a frequency band. 2. Digital graphic transmission. Digital graphic transmission refers to the process by which digital image signals are encoded by source codes and channel codes, then transmitted through digital channels or stored by digital storage and recording devices. Advantages: 1. Easy to use, usually just a phone or tablet on the remote control can be used as a monitor. 2. The graphic transmission quality of medium and high-end products is relatively high, with a resolution of 720p or even 1080p. 3. The transmission distance of medium and high-end products can be up to 2km, which is comparable to that of ordinary analog graphic transmission. 4. It's convenient to rebroadcast the videos and photos in real-time. 5. Integrated in the fuselage, the reliability is high and the integrated design is relatively beautiful.

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