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Drone Remote Controller

Remote control The Station for Mission Planning, Command and Control of drones, also called the Command and Control Station, is often referred to as the Ground Control Station (GCS), whose main function is for the drone mission planning, command and control of drones, including command and dispatch, mission planning, operation control, display records, and intelligence distribution. The drone ground command and control station has a variety of forms, such as the portable, vehicle-mounted, ship-borne type. The portable category is mainly represented by the remote control, mobile phones, and wristwatches, among which the remote control is the mainstream. The 2.4 GHz remote control is the current mainstream remote control device. Commonly seen are Channel 6, Channel 7, Channel 8, Channel 9 and Channel 12, each channel with corresponding part on the remote control, helping control drones to achieve different functions. Channels refer to the movements that can be controlled by the remote control. For example, it can be called one channel for the remote control can only control the four axes to fly up and down. However, since the four axes need to fly up, down, left, right, forward, and backward, at least a 4-channel remote control is required. Throttle: The throttle of the remote control refers to the controlled current supply for the drone. The larger the current is, the more quickly the motor rotates. There will be larger driving power, making the drone fly higher.

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