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Youth of China Aviation Development Corporation discuss General Secretary Xi Jinping’s May 4th Youth


introduce: On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping, on behalf of the Party Central Committee, extended holiday congratulations and sincere greetings to young people across the country. In the past few days, the majority of young

On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping, on behalf of the Party Central Committee, extended holiday congratulations and sincere greetings to young people across the country. In the past few days, the majority of young people at AVIC have carefully studied and understood General Secretary Xi Jinping’s message. They have expressed that they will keep in mind the General Secretary’s ardent instructions, practice the youth innovation concept of AVIC in the new era, and accelerate the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and forge a stronger future. "Chinese Heart" contributes the power of youth.
"Unswervingly listen to the Party and follow the Party"
"The general secretary's message is inspiring and injects strong impetus into the growth and success of aviation engine youth." Liao Chuanfeng, director of the Youth League Committee of China Aviation Engineering Research Institute, said that he will firmly grasp the main line of party building and team building work, and use "green words and green language" to convey Xi Jinping The General Secretary’s care, love and earnest entrustment are conveyed to the young people, and we should make good use of carriers such as the improvement of youth spiritual literacy and the Qingma “Pilot” project to unite the young people to move forward unswervingly in the direction guided by the General Secretary.
"The general secretary's message is full of ardent expectations. I deeply feel the great responsibility and glorious mission." Dong Chen, a cadre of the Dong'an Regiment of China Aerospace Engineering Group Corporation, said that he will thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and instructions on the aero-engine industry and the spirit of important replies, unite and lead The majority of young people actively practice the youth innovation concept of aviation development in the new era, insist on focusing on the center and serving the overall situation, with the goal of building a strong "Chinese heart" in aviation equipment, and show their youthful deeds and contribute their youthful power in the Chinese-style modernization drive.
"General Secretary Xi Jinping's affectionate entrustment and sincere hope for young people have made me more determined to be the beacon of life on the road of struggle." Wang Rui, a cadre of the China Aviation Materials Academy, said that he will thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on youth work. important discussion, continue to create new results and new situations in the Youth League work, do more innovative and pragmatic measures to implement detailed implementation, and make unremitting efforts to accelerate the construction of an aviation power.
"Strive to be a good young man in the new era who has ideals, dares to take responsibility, can endure hardship, and is willing to work hard."
"The general secretary's message made me realize that there is an extremely broad space for our young people to display their talents." Zhou Qingqiang, a product verification engineer at the China Aerospace Engineering and Control Institute, said that for young people on the front line of scientific research, only by firming up their ambition to serve the country through aviation can they live up to their expectations. Leaders expect and live up to their youth. "This year is my fourth year of developing aero-engine control systems. In the future, I will use even higher morale to improve product development efficiency and delivery quality, accelerate iterative improvements, and make extraordinary youthful contributions in an ordinary position. "
"Showing youthful deeds, highlighting youthful demeanor, and contributing youthful power are the general secretary's expectations for young people, and even more so, his entrustment to young people." Guan Chuanbao, a young scientific researcher at the Guiyang Institute of China Aerospace Engineering Development Corporation, said that he will always keep in mind the general secretary's earnest wishes. He entrusted us to inherit and carry forward the May 4th spirit, dare to take responsibility and do good deeds, unite and organize young people to study hard, be brave in innovation, and strive to become a new force and commando team in the development of the aerospace engine industry.
General Secretary Xi Jinping’s message inspired Wu Xingge, a young man from China Aviation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. He said: "As a youth in aviation development in the new era, I will be based on my job, not afraid of hardships and difficulties, focus on the focus of aero-engine development, strengthen the effectiveness and adaptability review and verification of system documents, and promote the construction of AEOS with 'knowledge to products' Application, actively participate in special youth quality improvement actions, play a leading role in model tackling and quality assurance, and use youth and struggle to help the aerospace engine industry flourish. "
"Strive to write a youthful chapter that takes responsibility for Chinese modernization"
“I am very inspired by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s message.” Guo Zhifan, a light engine craftsman of China Aviation Engineering Group, believes that when young people are born in a prosperous age, young people must take it as their mission to speed up the independent development of aviation engines, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, and temper themselves. With strong skills, strive to conquer more key core technologies, continuously improve process technology research, be a pioneer in innovation and a promoter of digital transformation, inspire youth with struggle, and strive to write a youthful chapter for the aerospace engine industry in the new era.
"Studying General Secretary Xi Jinping's message, I deeply feel the care and expectations of the Party Central Committee for the majority of young people." As a young man on the front line of scientific research who forges "the most important weapon of the country", Chen Xiaowei of China Aviation Development Corporation Yangtze River said that he will always uphold the principle of "doing what he does and doing well". "The belief is to work steadily, continue to innovate, constantly optimize process parameters, adjust processing test parameters, break through bottleneck processes, constantly temper ourselves, strive to make aircraft use a stronger "Chinese heart", and shoulder the responsibility for Chinese-style modernization. Youth responsibility.
"General Secretary Xi Jinping's message is full of sincere teachings and high expectations for young people." Yuan Shulin, a youth position expert and supervisory technician at Aviation Technology, said that he will lead by example and unite and lead the majority of young people to keep in mind the general secretary's instructions, promote youth work and accelerate independence Research and development are closely integrated, and we are innovative and enterprising on the new road of independent research and development of aero engines and gas turbines, striving to become a pillar worthy of the task of building a strong country and rejuvenating the nation.

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