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Sky Saker FX30 Small Long-Endurance Fixed Wing UAS
  • Sky Saker FX30 Small Long-Endurance Fixed Wing UAS

Sky Saker FX30 Small Long-Endurance Fixed Wing UAS


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Product Description

FX30 / FX70 uav belongs to the small long-endurance uav system of nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics' sharp eagle series uav, which is the first heavy-oil small long-endurance uav in China. The take-off weight of the product is 30kg ~ 70kg and the flight time is 10h ~ 20h. The main features of the aircraft are flexible configuration, land-based/shipborne all-terrain use, the use of pneumatic catapult and vertical rope arresting recovery and other accurate fixed-point takeoff and landing technology, can be in the waters or mountainous areas and other complex environmental conditions for a long time to carry out regional monitoring, target positioning and other tasks. Can be used for a fixed target area for uninterrupted continuous monitoring or emergency cases, real-time monitoring, implementation of land surveying and mapping, environmental testing, maritime supervision, emergency rescue, channel/highway patrol, pipeline inspection, meteorological observation, census of agriculture and forestry and wildlife protection tasks, task load diversity, can get effective targets within 100 km radius of real-time data of all kinds of information. The product has been exhibited at the China international unmanned aerial vehicle system conference, the first civil aviation science and education achievements exhibition, the world intelligent manufacturing conference and the zhuhai air show. Among them, FX30 uav won the 2017 China intelligent manufacturing award and won the construction project of typhoon low-altitude detection system of China meteorological administration. FX70 uav has won the foreign trade order.
FX30 uav has completed more than 130 scientific test flights, the product is mature and reliable, the technical index is advanced, can be used in all terrain.
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