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When The Movie Became A Reality, China's New Drone System Was Unveiled



As a army now lead the world's people's liberation army (PLA) in a sequence of spare parts, one of China's military enterprises of drone warfare is now the world recognized for, after all, the theory of single export performance, our circle of drone has been a lot of countries around the world powder, indeed, as is now in the Middle East has achieved fruitful results, one of the most effective tools for the export of China's current various drone now say that has withstood the test of actual combat.

Although, of course, in the field of traditional drone, our army has indeed worldwide is difficult to find the enemy, but that doesn't mean we can stagnation of development in the field, on the contrary, in some new uav project, our army has achieved fruitful results in recent years, in addition to attack last year - 10 drones in the National Day military parade on the stunning appearance, our company have recently introduced a "swarm" offensive drone. First of all, from the appearance point of view, it can undertake cluster attacking drone combat system like rockets, can directly by the launch vehicle to launch, of course, the cluster drones launch system also absorb the rocket combat advantage, is to perform a mission to deliver the amount of ammunition is very much, it can launch a 48 small unmanned aircraft, it can form a cluster operations.

This campaign to bring the advantages of is also very obvious, in the last year, Saudi oil was attacked by a group of drone is a very persuasive evidence, to attack Saudi oil drone is not to take the "offensive" swarm cluster attack, in a sense it can be to a group of drone "herd" type of attack, simply by volume.

While in the operation, the attackers will hardly use some tactics with organizational planning, however, it is very good with the success, the drone strikes Saudi oil at last year's suffered huge losses in that event, haven't recover, even the attack Saudi Arabia last year, some economic indicators is also influenced by it is not hard to see, the strategy is to achieve the effect, plotting attacks oilfield are apparently succeeded.

In addition, the attack map out an important reality, that is in the process of air strikes, Saudi Arabia in oil field next to the deployment of American patriot air defense system unexpectedly has no reaction, that is, almost no patriot air defense system to detect radar make effective response to incoming group of drone, that is to say, the theory of air defence missile in the block, for small drone is that some of the heart is unable to.

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