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The aviation industry held a number of signing activities at the Direct Expo


introduce: Show strength and build image. Expand markets and promote cooperation. During this direct expo, the aviation industry held a number of signing activities, and achieved new progress and results in industrial development and market development. T

Show strength and build image. Expand markets and promote cooperation. During this direct expo, the aviation industry held a number of signing activities, and achieved new progress and results in industrial development and market development.
The aviation industry held a centralized signing event for civil aircraft projects
▲Aviation industry civil aircraft project centralized signing event site
On September 14, at the 6th Tianjin Direct Expo, units affiliated with the aviation industry carried out centralized contracts for civil aircraft projects with a number of units, signing a total of 10 confirmed orders and 27 intention orders. important results were achieved in market development. At present, the civil helicopter industrialization development platform in the aviation industry has begun to take shape, and a series of product pedigrees have basically been formed. Through continuous market development actions, market breakthroughs have been achieved in emergency rescue, general aviation, police aviation and other application fields. Wang Wenjun, deputy director of the Second Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Bo, deputy director of the China Civil Aviation Airworthiness Certification Center, and He Shengqiang, member of the aviation industry party group and deputy general manager, attended the signing event.
Aviation Industry Tianzhi signed a confirmed order for 5 AC312E helicopters, 2 AC352 helicopters and an irrevocable order for 15 AC series helicopters with Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd. The AC series helicopters ordered this time will be used for aviation emergency rescue in Henan Province. In multiple fields, it will help the large-scale development of Henan's general aviation industry; it signed an aviation medical rescue cooperation agreement with China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Lianhe Aviation Services Co., Ltd. The three parties will give full play to their respective advantages and jointly promote the large-scale development of domestic AC series helicopters. application to improve the commercial value of aviation medical ambulance operations.
Aviation Industry Changfei signed an agreement of intent for the purchase and industrial cooperation of 10 AC311A helicopters with Shanxi General Aviation Group Co., Ltd., making its first attempt to develop the civil aircraft market through industrial cooperation; it signed 2 AC313A helicopters with Jiaolong General Aviation Co., Ltd. and Aviation Industry Leasing Purchase agreement, strengthen the integration of industry and finance, actively introduce financial institutions to reduce financial pressure on customers, and open up new channels for subsequent sales of AC313A helicopters; signed 2 ultra-light aircraft with Jiangxi Aviation Vocational and Technical College and China Jiuzhou General Aviation Co., Ltd. Helicopter sales contract, jointly explore new cooperation models in the helicopter training market, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
Hafei Aviation Industry and Tibet Civil Aviation Development Investment Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement to establish a long-term, comprehensive and stable cooperative relationship around the sales, training, operations, and services of AC312E helicopters in the Tibet Autonomous Region; with Yunnan Fengxiang General Aviation Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to cooperate in the sales, operation, aviation emergency rescue and aviation culture research of domestic helicopters.
China Feilong General Aviation signed a technical cooperation and service agreement with the China Natural Resources Aviation Geophysical Exploration and Remote Sensing Center to fully manage the operation tasks of the AC312E (Aviation Geology No. 2) helicopter; it signed an AC311A helicopter purchase contract with the Aviation Industry Changfei, and the AC311A helicopter will enter Aviation emergency rescue, medical rescue, forest fire prevention and other markets serve local economic development and accelerate the construction of regional aviation industry and emergency rescue system.
Leaders from the Civil Aircraft Cooperation Department of the Aviation Industry, Harbin Aircraft Corporation Limited, Changfei Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., leasing-related personnel and contracting parties attended the signing event.
Aviation Industry and Tianjin Free Trade Zone carry out series of signings
▲Scene of the signing ceremony for key projects between the Aviation Industry and Tianjin Free Trade Zone
On the morning of September 14, at the 6th Tianjin Direct Expo, the aviation industry and Tianjin Free Trade Zone held a key project signing ceremony.
Lian Maojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Binhai New Area Party Committee, Zhang Jichao, Member of the Aviation Industry Party Group and Deputy General Manager, Shan Zefeng, Deputy Secretary of the Binhai New Area Party Committee and District Mayor, Yin Xiaofeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Tianjin Free Trade Zone, etc. attended the signing ceremony ceremony.anti drone laser system
This contract signed a total of 10 projects, including the joint construction of the aviation industry civil helicopter industrial base project, the construction of the Harbin Aircraft Tianjin civil helicopter R&D center project, the joint construction of the helicopter collaborative innovation and industrialization platform project, the French Safran engine nacelle integration center project, the aviation Daxiong Yingmi-171 helicopter overhaul project, AVIC Hafei and Henan Aviation Investment Group cooperation memorandum and helicopter procurement contract, AVIC Hafei cooperated with AVIC Changfei and AVIC International Financial Leasing to establish a civil aircraft operating leasing company, Haite Airbus The A321 passenger-to-cargo project, the Andaville Tianjin aviation equipment R&D and production base project and the aviation industry full life cycle development community strategic cooperation project involve civil helicopter R&D and production, civil aircraft market operation, aviation maintenance and other fields.
Aviation Industry Harbin Aircraft Industry and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee signed the "framework Agreement to Jointly Build an Aviation Industry Civil Helicopter Industrial base" and the "framework Agreement to Build the Harbin Aircraft Tianjin Civil Helicopter R&D Center." The agreement is mainly based on close cooperation between the two parties and supports Hafei's establishment of a Tianjin R&D center project in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone in accordance with its own development strategy to build an integrated platform for R&D, design and test verification of civil helicopters in the aviation industry. Both parties will actively promote the settlement and development of civil helicopter research and development in Tianjin Civil Helicopter base, work together to build Tianjin into a research and development center, manufacturing center, maintenance center and service center for China's civil helicopters, and promote the development of the civil helicopter industry.
The Aviation Industry Helicopter Institute and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee signed the "Cooperation framework Agreement on Promoting the Innovative Development of Helicopters." The two parties will focus on carrying out various forms of cooperation around the innovation chain, industrial chain, value chain and talent chain, strengthen collaborative innovation between the Helicopter Institute and universities and research institutes in Tianjin, and accelerate the advancement of new configurations, new energy and other key aspects of rotorcraft. Technology research and achievement incubation, work together to build an innovation ecology for the coordinated development of "government, industry, academia, research and application" and an industrial ecology of integration, chain grouping and collaboration, jointly create the source of cutting-edge helicopter technology and original technology, and jointly promote the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and helicopter high-quality development.
Aviation Industry Harbin Aircraft Industry, Changfei and Aviation Industry Leasing signed the "Cooperation Agreement on Carrying out Domestic Civil Aircraft Operation and Leasing Business." The three parties will cooperate to establish an operating leasing company to carry out financial leasing, operating leasing and other businesses, provide financial support for the operation of general aviation enterprises, and provide new solutions for the market-oriented operation of domestic civil aircraft. Hafei also signed a "Memorandum of Cooperation" with Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd. The two parties will take this signing as an opportunity to seize the national strategy, strengthen cooperation in the development of the general aviation industry in Henan Province, promote the aviation industry to deepen the development of Henan, and promote the development of Henan's general aviation industry to a new level.
The series of signings comprehensively deepens cooperation with users from all aspects, effectively promotes the in-depth development of the market application of domestic civil helicopters, and provides strong support for the construction of the national aviation emergency rescue system and the development of the general aviation industry.

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