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Sports Target Drone Procurement Project Technical Parameter Consultation Announcement


introduce:    Our department plans to purchase a batch of sports target drone. In order to ensure fair and equitable competition and full competition, the technical parameters of the project will be publicly announced online, and the publicity period

Our department plans to purchase a batch of sports target drone. In order to ensure fair and equitable competition and full competition, the technical parameters of the project will be publicly announced online, and the publicity period will be from August 6 to August 10, 2019. The majority of suppliers can complete the technical parameters of the project,
Reasonable and fair, put forward specific opinions and suggestions to prevent problems of directivity and exclusivity.
First, the project name
Adding a sports target drone purchase project to a base shooting range in a camp
Second, the name of the goods, the quantity of demand and technical requirements Sports target machine: 1 set
1. Product structure: It consists of target car, target frame and track. The target car body is designed as a whole. Each set contains 7 target vehicles and 7 positions (2 main vehicles, 5 trailers, 1 main vehicle). 5 trailers, 1 other car spare);
2. Size: IE car body length 1200 ± 10mm, width 500 ± 10mm, height 600 ± 10mm, add IE board height 2: 1.7m;
3. Color: olive green;
4. Control method: use wireless remote control to achieve stand-alone, group and group control. The speed of movement, the time of hidden time, the number of hidden times, and the number of round trips can be set;
5. Combination method: main car or plus trailer;
6. Working mode: Rotating the hidden target, which can be switched between the hidden target and the timed hidden target;
7. Movement mode: You can set the time speed to automatically round trip or manually control the round trip;
8. Speed: lm / s - 5m / s, freely adjustable;
9. Track length: 1-2 meters per section, freely assembled;
10. Communication distance: the wireless control distance is not less than 600 meters;
11. Working power supply: rechargeable battery, powered by battery (DC 24V);
12. Working environment temperature: -15 ° C -50 ° C;
13. Rainproof rating: moderate rain;
14. Continuous working time: more than 8 hours (after charging);
15. The target vehicle has anti-collision and anti-rollover design;
16. Rainproof: 100mm/h, 0.5h;
17. Anti-corrosion: the whole is made of anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment. The surface of the metal parts is coated with anti-rust coating thickness of 2l2Mm, and the thickness of the anti-rust coating is 260Mm.
18. The target vehicle sports track is 1-2 meters per section, anti-corrosion spray, and can be arbitrarily spliced ​​for easy handling.
Third, the qualifications of bidders
(1) Qualifying conditions in accordance with Article 22 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Government Procurement:
1. Have the ability to independently bear civil liability (provide a legal and valid business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, or a business license that can be a unified social credit code for the three certificates, the scope of production and business must be Project related);
2. Have a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system (providing a three-year financial audit report issued by an accounting firm for 2016-2018);
3. Have the necessary equipment and professional technical ability to perform the contract (provide the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification and CQC Environmental Certification);
4. Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law (providing a certificate of social security and tax payment for 4 consecutive months since January 2019 (inclusive));
5. Within 3 years prior to participating in the government and military procurement activities, there is no major illegal record in the business activities (providing a written statement that the bidder has no major illegal records in the business activities within 3 years);
6. Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations (provide screenshots of the national enterprise credit publicity system, including administrative punishment information, information listed in the business anomaly list, and information on the list of enterprises that are seriously illegal and untrustworthy).
(2) The supplier is established for not less than 3 years.
(3) Non-foreign-owned or foreign-funded enterprises.
(4) The different persons who are responsible for the same person or who have direct control and management relationship may not participate in the same package of purchase activities at the same time. If the production site of the production enterprise is the same address, and the shareholders of the sales enterprise are related, they shall be regarded as wher direct control and management relationship. If there is any relationship between the suppliers, they shall declare it on their own initiative, otherwise they will be given a bad record.
The list may not be penalized for military procurement activities within 3 years.
(5) The project does not accept joint bidding.
(6) A production or sales enterprise with a registered capital of 1 million or more.
(7) The bidder must have the production or sales scope of the project.
The opinions and suggestions put forward by the supplier will be the necessary reference for the preliminary demonstration of the requirements of the Ministry of China to improve the requirements of the requirements.
The Ministry does not respond to the supplier's participation in the follow-up procurement activities of this project.
V. Contact Information Contact: Mr. Guo
Tel: 0773-83108, 18583389996
Supervisor: Mr. Jiang
Tel: 0773-23155 1336323223
Fax: 0721—72934618
Address: Guilin City, Guangxi
6. This consultation is a free activity.

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