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May Fourth glory! These individuals and groups of Aviation Industry Corporation of China were commen


introduce: April 29The results of the 28th "China Youth May Fourth Medal" were announcedThe Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Youth Federation decided to award30 comrades received the 28th "China Youth May 4th Med

April 29
The results of the 28th "China Youth May Fourth Medal" were announced
The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Youth Federation decided to award
30 comrades received the 28th "China Youth May 4th Medal"
Aviation Industry Corporation of China Hua Chengxiang and Li Mengyue were commended
Communist Youth League Central Committee All-China Youth Federation
Decision on awarding the 28th China Youth May Fourth Medal
2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and is a critical year for achieving the goals and tasks of the "14th Five-Year Plan". In order to commend the advanced and set benchmarks, give full play to the leading role of young models, inspire and guide the majority of young people to work hard, forge ahead, and join in the new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country with a high-spirited attitude of struggle, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Youth Federation decided , awarded the 28th China Youth May 4th Medal to 30 comrades including Wang Chuanchao, and awarded the 28th China Youth May 4th Medal to 20 youth groups including the Youth Commando Team of the Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway Project Department of China Railway Fourth Bureau.
The commended youth and youth collectives are outstanding representatives of youth from all ethnic groups and all walks of life in our country. They unswervingly listen to and follow the Party, keep their original aspiration and mission in mind, and have the "greatest power of the country" in mind. They adhere to their ideals and practice in various fields such as scientific and technological innovation, rural revitalization, green development, social services, and national defense and border defense. Hard work, sincere dedication, courageous striving to be the first, and faithful implementation of the youth oath of "please trust the party and strengthen the country with me" fully demonstrate the youthful vigor and determination to take responsibility for Chinese-style modernization.
It is hoped that the commended individuals and groups will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities and charge forward on the new journey to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, achieve greater results and new contributions, and serve as role models for the vast number of young people across the country. The Communist Youth Leagues and Youth Federations at all levels across the country must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, unite and lead the majority of youth members to learn from advanced models, and gather youthful energy for the great cause of building a strong country and national rejuvenation. The majority of youth members must unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, continuously enhance their sense of historical responsibility and mission, continue to struggle and make contributions in the hot practice of Chinese-style modernization, and strive to write a book that is worthy of the Party and the people. , a chapter of youth worthy of the times!
With the heart of a craftsman, he is the "fixer" for the quality of the country. He is the "fixing star" of product quality. He is dedicated to his position and works hard to promote high-level technological self-reliance and self-reliance with technological advancement. A file has repeatedly performed extraordinary feats, using youthful blood to support aviation weapons and equipment and sharpen the sword of the sea and the sky.
Hua Chengxiang is a fitter at Shenyang Aircraft Factory No. 13 of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, and is a special technical expert and senior technician of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. He was born in an ordinary family in the suburbs of Fushun City, Liaoning Province. Since childhood, he has developed a hard-working, down-to-earth character. In the 11 years since he has been working as a fitter, he has always maintained a rigorous and serious work attitude and meticulous work style, working diligently and without complaint. Since joining the workforce, Hua Chengxiang has participated in many national, provincial, and municipal employee vocational skills competitions and achieved excellent results. He has won the championship in the fitter group of the 15th "Zhenxing Cup" National Youth Vocational Skills Competition in 2019, and won many honorary titles such as "National Technical Expert", "National Youth Job Expert" and "Aviation Industry Technical Expert". In 2024, he won the 28th "China Youth May Fourth Medal".
Faced with the heavy production tasks of machined parts, Hua Chengxiang dared to take the challenge and took the initiative to undertake key tasks. Whenever he encounters a technical problem, he will take the initiative to look up the information, have in-depth discussions with the master craftsmen in the factory, repeatedly draw, operate, and modify, never letting go of any doubts, and always trying to overcome all problems. Hua Chengxiang regards every competition as a ladder of technical progress, carefully observes and records the technical characteristics and details of outstanding players, and continues to ponder and practice hard after returning to work. It was precisely with this spirit of active study and perseverance that he finally developed excellent skills. After receiving the processing drawings and encountering technical difficulties, Hua Chengxiang always studies them carefully and thinks of several ideas. He is always able to choose the optimal working method in complex processes, realize the overall arrangement of work flow and process, save time and materials, improve the accuracy of workpieces, and has repeatedly used new processes, new tools and technology in actual work. Use new ideas to solve problems and become a fitter leader that employees trust very much.
Persistence in craftsmanship and endless skills. Hua Chengxiang said that he will keep in mind the General Secretary’s instructions, build meritorious careers based on his position, strive to be a craftsman of a great country, a craftsman of a powerful country, lead more aviation youth to strive for self-reliance and self-improvement in aviation science and technology, and actively contribute to the high-quality development of the aviation industry to provide a solid foundation for the aviation industry. The construction of a powerful country and national rejuvenation contribute the majestic power of aviation youth!
She challenges the limits and is a dazzling Chinese female athlete on the World Skills Competition track; she strives for excellence and is a pioneer on the aviation equipment development front who is dedicated to serving the country. She dances the youthful dance of unremitting struggle and heads high towards the vast journey of serving the country through aviation.
Li Mengyue, the second squad leader of the Xue Ying Squad of the XAC New Era Women Squad, is determined to innovate and overcome difficulties, quickly growing from an ordinary craftsman to a leader in innovation.
As a member of the "Luoyang Youth Commando" of AVIC Xi'an Aircraft Corporation of China and the head of the unit's skills studio, Li Mengyue is deeply involved in the research of mid-value manufacturing and precision assembly of aviation products, and has successively overcome technical problems such as the processing of ultra-large domestic stainless steel rotary body parts. , achieved technological breakthroughs in more than 10 key engineering projects, and accumulated annual cost savings of tens of millions of yuan. The studio she is responsible for was awarded the "Xi'an Skills Master Studio" by the Xi'an Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.
Li Mengyue actively participated in skills competitions at all levels and won a series of impressive achievements such as the silver medal in the National Vocational Skills Competition Manufacturing Team Challenge. She was selected into the national team of the 46th World Skills Competition and won first place in the team selection. She was received by The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the commendation for becoming the first domestic female player to break through in this event. After the competition, Li Mengyue actively joined the AVIC XAC coaching team to train many of the company's players to achieve greater success in skills competitions at all levels, injecting impetus into improving the company's skills talent team building.
Li Mengyue engraved "goals" in her heart, wrote "hard work" into her youth, and integrated "responsibility" into her work. She has successively won the titles of "National Outstanding Communist Youth League Member", "National Women's Contributor Model", "National Technical Expert", "Shaanxi Province May Day" "Women Model" and other titles. In 2024, she won the 28th "China Youth May Fourth Medal".

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