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Fan Huitao: Build China’s public low-altitude skyway network and strive to promote high-quality deve


introduce: In December 2023, the Central Economic Work Conference listed the low-altitude economy as a strategic emerging industry. Premier Li Qiang of the State Council pointed out in his government work report at the second session of the 14th National Peopl

In December 2023, the Central Economic Work Conference listed the low-altitude economy as a strategic emerging industry. Premier Li Qiang of the State Council pointed out in his government work report at the second session of the 14th National People's Congress that we should actively create new growth engines such as biomanufacturing, commercial aerospace, and low-altitude economy. This is also the first time that "low-altitude economy" has been included in the government work report. .
As a senior representative for five consecutive terms, Fan Huitao, a representative of the National People's Congress, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the chief model engineer of the aviation industry, has long been concerned about the construction and development of the general aviation industry and has submitted relevant suggestions many times during his duties.
“This year I submitted a proposal to the conference on building China’s mass low-altitude skyway network. The low-altitude economic industry can be combined with transportation, logistics, agriculture and other fields, and can bring more convenient services and new consumer experiences to people. , the future will be an area full of development potential." Fan Huitao said that data shows that the national low-altitude economic market size will be approximately 2.3 trillion yuan in 2022, and the market size is expected to reach 5 trillion yuan in 2025.
"As the most important component of the low-altitude economic industry, the Volkswagen Low-Altitude Skyway Network is a national basic strategic project that needs to be promoted comprehensively and long-term."
Fan Huitao introduced that the public low-altitude skyway network is less affected by terrain and landforms. In areas with developed transportation systems across the country, air-to-land and air-to-water connections can be further realized. It has outstanding advantages in underdeveloped areas, especially mountainous areas, coastlines, and islands. Its coverage, accessibility, economy, speed, mobility, convenience, etc. complement the existing other pillar basic transportation systems at many levels and can serve as an organic supplement to the existing transportation system.
"Whether it is city or city, county or county, township or township, some villages or villages, enterprises or even private individuals, they can all become the coverage area of the Volkswagen Low-altitude Sky Road Network." Fan Huitao said that the Volkswagen Low-altitude Sky Road Network has services ranging from trillions to tens of millions. There is room for the development of 10 trillion basic industries and industrial chains above them, as well as room for the development of a market with a high-end employment scale of over one million or even tens of millions.
At present, although the concept of "low-altitude economy" is gaining momentum, and local governments have successively introduced relevant policies, hoping to seize the trillion-level "new blue ocean" of low-altitude economy, Fan Huitao admitted that there are still many difficulties in promoting the construction of my country's mass low-altitude skyway network and challenges.
"Currently, less than 30% of the country's general aviation uses low-altitude airspace and there is no contiguous network. Problems such as inaccurate airspace delineation and cumbersome airspace approval and filing procedures still exist. At the same time, as of 2022, there are only 399 general aviation airports in my country, not only in regions The distribution is uneven, and most airports have relatively single functions, making it difficult to meet diversified service needs. Although we have seen many local governments issue plans, policies, and opinions to actively promote the development of the general aviation industry, there are also many risk predictions. Insufficient resources, insufficient resource allocation, and insufficient demonstration and application.”
In response to the above issues, Fan Huitao proposed in his proposal that he hopes to strengthen the support of relevant policies and regulations, make a top-level design, subdivide work items, and clarify the responsible entities. He also hopes that the public low-altitude skyway transportation system can be included in the "National Comprehensive Three-dimensional Transportation Network Planning Outline" 》, focus on construction during the "15th Five-Year Plan" period.
"The main body of the low-altitude skyway network is general airports, and efforts must be made to 'expand quantity and improve quality.'" Fan Huitao suggested that new urbanization construction should be combined to significantly increase the number of general airports in megacities, megacities, and large cities. quantity, focus on the construction of small and micro general aviation airports, and create a number of comprehensive, intelligent, integrated take-off and landing sites and service bases.
In addition, Fan Huitao also suggested establishing a national low-altitude economic industry leading group, and setting up low-altitude airspace administration, civil aviation low-altitude administration, low-altitude air police corps, and low-altitude navigation supervision bureaus under the National Air Traffic Control Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security, and each province. , further optimize the low-altitude management system and promote the efficient use of airspace resources.

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