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Drones shine in epidemic prevention work!


introduce:During the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention period, drones appeared in buildings, villages, city streets, and highway junctions, and their videos frequently appeared on the hot search list. UAVs are the weapon of prevention and control, condensing

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention period, drones appeared in buildings, villages, city streets, and highway junctions, and their videos frequently appeared on the hot search list. uavs are the weapon of prevention and control, condensing their own scientific and technological strength, and have played an important role in various aspects such as non-contact temperature measurement, shouting, killing operations, logistics and distribution, traffic control, and disaster relief, etc., in the second battlefield outside the hospital Effectively fight the "epidemic".

Remote temperature measurement, transform into a little helper

With the unit returning to work, the epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical period, and the use of drones for non-contact, mobile temperature measurement enables rapid deployment of primary temperature screening in public places, effectively reducing the pressure and risk of front-line staff. Previously, infrared temperature measurement based on drones has been widely used in electric power inspection, fire monitoring, agricultural disaster prevention inspection and other fields, mostly for the measurement of environmental temperature, and in the epidemic prevention and control work , Long-distance non-contact measurement of body temperature puts forward higher requirements for measurement accuracy. DJI proposed to add a temperature calibration bracket to the thermal imaging lens, use a cotton swab as a temperature reference to fix it within the field of view of the infrared thermal imaging camera, and then use a forehead gun to calibrate the temperature measurement of the drone. Using drones for body temperature measurement, this solution greatly improves the accuracy of human body temperature measurement by drones. The temperature measurement error is ± 0.5 ° C, which can meet the needs of field personnel and high-level isolation personnel at high-speed intersections within a distance of 2 to 3 meters. And other personnel for contactless screening needs.

检索 The author found that there are few related patents related to the temperature measurement of drones by major manufacturers at home and abroad. Among them, DJI's CN108700468A patent application discloses a human body temperature detection method. The same scene is shot simultaneously by an infrared camera and a visible light camera, and the human body in the image is identified and the body temperature value is obtained based on the infrared image and the visible light image to quickly detect the body temperature. Out of temperature abnormal objects.

Hardcore shouts, preach the vanguard

Drones can be used instead of manually entering communities and public places for prevention and control propaganda work. DJI's compound wing drone is used in epidemic prevention propaganda due to its significant endurance and image transmission distance advantages. The drones for the shouting operation are modified M600Pro and Mavic2 dual photothermal imaging versions with speakers mounted. At present, there are two main tasks for shouting. One is to play the recorded contents of the epidemic prevention and control prompts in a loop, and the other is to make a real-time shout on the gathering behavior of the people shown by the thermal imaging principle to guide the evacuation of the crowd in time.

In DJI's CN110637340A patent application, users can control the drone's on-board speakers to play audio in real-time during the drone operation by operating the control terminal, which can be adapted to different audio application scenarios; Cobbit Aviation's CN108124229A patent In the application, the existing wireless transmitting module and wireless receiving module of the drone are used to transmit the voice signal, and the remote voice calling function can be realized without modifying the drone, which is convenient and quick.

消毒 Spray disinfection, kill the little guard

Since the outbreak occurred, DJI Agriculture released the “Jiangsu Army Epidemic”, and Jifei Company launched “Operation Thunder”, using drones to perform killing operations in a comprehensive, large-area and high-duration. With the gradual resumption of work and production in various industries, the demand for killing in various scenarios has increased, and more and more drone companies are stepping up their efforts to fight the epidemic. The spraying disinfection drone mainly implements the spraying of pharmaceuticals through ground remote control or GPS flight control. It can complete the killing task of 7000 square meters in 5 minutes. The efficiency is more than 50 times that of manual spraying. It has high efficiency, continuous, isolation, and human medicine. The characteristics of separation, and can be sprayed in a multi-machine formation to solve the problems of shortage of equipment and insufficient manpower in rural and urban communities.

The first patent application in the field of thorium spray killing drone technology was filed by the Italian company Nebbia Ugo in 1976. The number of patent applications in this field increased rapidly from 1994 to 2011. The main applicants were Japanese companies Yamaha, Yanmar Agricultural Machinery and New Delta Agricultural Machinery. Among them, Yamaha successively introduced spraying models such as R-50 and RMAX to kill nobody machine. After 2012, the number of patent applications of Chinese companies increased significantly. After comparison, it was found that Japanese companies focused on the research and development of helicopter-type spray killing drones, while Chinese companies focused on rotary-type jets with two or more rotors. Research and development of drug killing drones. Leading domestic companies that spray drugs to kill drones include DJI, Jifei, Hanhe, and Quanfeng. The patent application in the field of killing drone technology mainly includes three major branches of spraying system, flight platform and flight control system. Among them, the spraying system is the core technology of spraying killing drone that is different from other civilian drones. Is the most popular and popular technology among the three branches. Taking the patent application of Jifei Company as an example, CN107234013A innovates the atomizing disk used in the spray system, which can make the droplet size of the discharged droplets smaller and spray more uniformly; the drone in CN108205326A can be based on the geographical area of ​​the spraying area The information performs autonomous spiral flight, continuous flight curve, covering spraying of each crop, and precise control of the amount of medicine according to the spiral state, which can achieve the effect of precise spraying.

Logistics and delivery

The epidemic is characterized by human-to-human transmission and a long incubation period, which has caused a certain impact on the transportation industry. The use of drones for sample transportation and material distribution can minimize crowds and avoid human contact and secondary transmission. Xun Ant Company built a "urban air transport channel" through drones and unmanned stations to achieve contactless medical material distribution from the hospital to the disease control center. In addition, drones also facilitate the transportation of agricultural and sideline products and daily necessities. For example, the JD team drove the “last mile” of logistics and delivered the products ordered online to users in a timely manner.

物流 The use of drones for logistics and distribution has been popular abroad earlier, and its patents are widely distributed. For example, the US Amazon company released the Prime Air drone logistics program in 2013, and its US9305280B1 patent application discloses the delivery of ordered items to the user-specified delivery location through the drone; the US Zipline company is also in the field of drone logistics and distribution One of the first ancestors, its US10395543B2 patent application discloses a drone system that can deliver packages to a destination site specified by the user and calculate the lowest cost route, can provide real-time information of the flight route during the flight, and based on this information selec distribution tasks dynamically. In terms of domestic applicants,, Shunfeng, and Xunyi Company are among the top applications. The drones they develop are mainly used to assist their own logistics development. . Automatic loading and unloading of the load is the key to the improvement of logistics drone technology. The patent application of CN106184757B of Xunyi Company discloses an automatic loading and dropping system for unmanned aerial vehicle cargo. The package to be transported is loaded into the position to be loaded. Cargo lifting, automatic locking and disengagement of the drone cargo hanger latch, to achieve automatic loading and delivery of the cargo, and improve the efficiency, safety and ease of use of the drone to transport cargo at a lower cost; Jingdong's CN106143931B patent application discloses a method for guiding the landing of a drone that distributes parcels. The landing platform displays the corresponding landing pattern according to the received instructions. The drone uses the landing pattern as the target to land, without wher to undergo a lot of calculations. Landing can be achieved quickly and easily.

Escort, take over as little aerial inspector

In order to efficiently carry out traffic diversion and epidemic prevention work, DJI collaborated with the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department's Traffic Management Bureau during the Spring Festival Transport and deployed drones on key roads to perform duty control. The ultra-high-definition camera takes snapshots to achieve on-site forensics. In order to reduce cross-infection, the high-speed detachment of the Guiyang Municipal Transportation Management Bureau used police drones to hang the "Guizhou 110 Convenience Service Mini Program" QR code for contactless registration, and the crew and passengers can perform "air scan" registration into the city.

Thanks to the endurance technology and visual navigation and positioning technology of the drone platform, the on-site traffic real-time can be transmitted to the traffic police enforcement site and the provincial traffic management command center all day without interruption, to achieve comprehensive control of global road conditions and vehicle details . Visual navigation and positioning technologies mainly cover areas such as visual obstacle avoidance / collision prevention, autonomous landing, flight attitude / height adjustment, target recognition and tracking, and navigation. For example, DJI's CN107861426A and CN110785721A patent applications have proposed accurate drone power calculation methods and drones in conjunction with drone endurance to ensure the efficiency of drone endurance. UAV remaining range planning and battery cell balancing technology can improve battery life and extend flight mileage. ‍

UAVs have played an important role in preventing and controlling epidemics, and they cannot do without the support of the new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology. In the future, it is believed that with the continuous reduction of drone development and production costs, the gradual implementation of national policies and the maturity of market development, China's drone industry will become a powerful force for the construction of smart cities. (Jiangsu Center for Patent Examination and Coordination, Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, Gu Hailei, Shi Yan, Huang Dafei, Han Pan, Zhang Jing)

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