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China Aviation Development Corporation holds 2024 financial and cost price work meeting


introduce: On March 22, China Aviation Development Corporation held the 2024 Financial and Cost Price Work Meeting to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, the Central Enterprise Heads’ Meeting, the Central Enterprise Financi

On March 22, China Aviation Development Corporation held the 2024 Financial and Cost Price Work Meeting to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, the Central Enterprise Heads’ Meeting, the Central Enterprise Financial Work Conference and the Group’s 2024 Work Conference, and review and summarize the 2023 financial results. and cost and price work, and deploy key tasks for 2024. Li Hongxin, general manager and deputy secretary of the Party Leadership Group of China Aviation Development Corporation, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhang Bo, chief accountant and member of the Party Leadership Group, made the group's 2024 financial work report.
Li Hongxin pointed out that we must seize opportunities, face challenges head-on, and further strengthen our belief in high-quality development. In 2023, the group's financial front will focus closely on its main business, making great progress in achieving business goals, scientific research and production support, cost and price work, etc., and making positive contributions to the group's high-quality development. Aviation engines are an important weapon of the country, and the aviation engine industry is at a critical stage of improvement. The financial front must clearly understand the situation, strengthen confidence, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the aero-engine industry.
Li Hongxin said that we should face up to the gap, establish first and then break down, and further strengthen the shortcomings of high-quality development. We must pay more attention to development efficiency, security and coordination, give full play to the driving role of value creation, fulfill the responsibility of guarding the security of funds, and assume the strategic decision-making support function, and achieve the "five musts", that is, we must adhere to the fundamental principle of wher a clear-cut stand and politics. , we must abide by the responsibility and mission of serving the development of the main business, we must pay attention to the core requirement of improving quality and efficiency of the enterprise, we must make good use of the important method of system and mechanism innovation, and we must keep the basic bottom line of safe development.
Li Hongxin emphasized the need to promote stability through advancement, seek progress while maintaining stability, and further build a solid foundation for high-quality development. The whole group must comprehensively accelerate the construction of a world-class enterprise, and further forge ahead and take the initiative to achieve effective improvement in the quality of economic operations and reasonable growth in quantity. It is necessary to ensure strong support for the overall situation, continue to improve budget efficiency, strengthen fund management, and ensure that strategic goals are fully realized. In order to seek development and make new achievements, we must work hard on price management, cost control, and financial planning to promote value creation in a deeper and more solid way. It is necessary to grasp the basics of risk control, deeply explore the value of data, strengthen financial risk prevention and control, do a good job in training financial personnel, and coordinate high-quality development and security.
Zhang Bo deployed key financial tasks for 2024. Focus on first-class construction to comprehensively support the creation of first-class performance; focus on system construction to comprehensively improve financial management capabilities; focus on digital intelligence construction to comprehensively consolidate the foundation of financial management; focus on team building to comprehensively strengthen professional talent support; focus on compliance construction to comprehensively strengthen financial risks Be on guard.
The meeting deployed key tasks for cost and price work in 2024. Consistently promote the deepening of cost engineering into business; consistently promote price management capabilities to a new level; consistently implement various safeguard measures.
The meeting also commended the advanced collectives and individuals of China Aviation Development Corporation for its financial work and cost engineering in 2023.
Senior executives of AVIC China, leaders of the discipline inspection and supervision team, headquarters departments, key leaders of AVIC Assets, Finance, Beijing Company, and chief accountant attended the meeting at the main venue. The main leaders, chief accountants, cost and price supervisors of each directly affiliated unit participated in the video branch meeting.

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