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Beware of Angry Birds for Drone Apps


introduce:In recent years, with the continuous breakthroughs in flight control, navigation, communication and other technologies, as well as the continuous favorable national policies, the development and application of UAV in China has witnessed rapid growth. Acco

In recent years, with the continuous breakthroughs in flight control, navigation, communication and other technologies, as well as the continuous favorable national policies, the development and application of uav in China has witnessed rapid growth. According to relevant data, by 2020, the scale of China's civil UAV has come to about 35 billion yuan, at the same time, the number of UAV products has reached more than 400,000 as early as 2019.

The 400,000 uAVs are mainly used in aerial photography, agricultural plant protection, industrial inspection, police security, remote sensing mapping, logistics and express delivery, emergency rescue, personal entertainment and other fields. Aerial photography is the most widely used field. At present, nearly half of the domestic manufacturers are engaged in the production of uav in this field, and the compound annual growth rate of aerial uav market is more than 80%.

At the same time, agricultural plant protection is the second most widely used field. By the end of 2019, China had produced more than 170 varieties of plant protection uAVs with 55,000 units and an operating area of more than 850 million mu. It is expected that in a short time, the number of uAVs in China will exceed 100,000, and the number of uAVs in plant protection will exceed 400,000, and the application of UAVs will be further deepened.

In addition, land mapping, industrial inspection and logistics are another three areas of UAV application. Data show that China has more than 300 mapping units with aerial photography qualifications, the number of uav use more than 2,000; At the same time, the market size of UAV inspection has also exceeded 10 billion yuan, and uav logistics distribution is being accelerated and popularized with the help of the government.

All aspects of the situation and data show that China's UAV development achievements in recent years. But we should not let our guard down or get too happy. Because uav in usher in the rapid development at the same time, also exposed a lot of problems. For example, uav has shortcomings in endurance, takeoff and landing, noise and other aspects; As well as due to the lack of management brought by the disturbance of aviation, injury and other accidents.

Then, of course, there are the constraints of talent, price, infrastructure, and an unexpected competitor. This "unexpected" adversary, in particular, is not easy to deal with because of its unpredictable dynamics, which cannot be dealt with conventionally, but is closely related to the development of existing uAVs, so it is sometimes neglected to a certain extent.

Who is this "rival"? It's actually angry Birds. Every year, when people use drones, birds often attack drones. Even though drones are tough, they're still weak against tough birds like eagles. once attacked by birds, drones are easy to crash, bringing incalculable losses.
Do not think this is the author whimsical, alarmist. Last year, foreign media reported that a four-axis drone patrolling the shores of Lake Michigan was attacked by a bald eagle and thrown into the lake. The drone was conducting an environmental survey and mapping when it was accidentally attacked by a bird of prey, causing $1,000 in damage.

In Recent days, a drone in Australia was also attacked by "birds" chasing frantically, and finally crashed. Footage recorded shows a magpie taking off in pursuit of the drone after spotting it flying through the air. The operator tries his best to get away from the bird, but the angry bird acts like an angry bird. Finally, after a few rounds of chase, the drone was hit and dropped.

Such accidents are more difficult to prevent and treat. For one thing, we can't predict what wildlife is thinking or doing, and even if we could, we can't put a limit on birds. A more plausible approach is to start with humans and drones themselves. For example, delimit uav restricted flight zone and limited flight time, improve uav performance, enhance uav pilot operation ability and level.

All in all, the adversarial relationship between drones and birds should be hard to change anytime soon. Such unpredictable surprise attacks are becoming a threat to the use of drones. We need to take this threat into account as much as possible in future drone applications! Because this involves not only the protection of uAVs, but also the biological safety of birds and ecological environment management.

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