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Aviation Industry Zhengfei: Gathering Intelligence and Determination to Fight and Win


introduce: At present, in the face of urgent and severe delivery situation, the company's units quickly responded to the general manager's No. 1 order, biting the target, hard work, practical work plus skillful work, with a "fight" mentalit

At present, in the face of urgent and severe delivery situation, the company's units quickly responded to the general manager's No. 1 order, biting the target, hard work, practical work plus skillful work, with a "fight" mentality, "fast" posture and "fight! The state of "fight" mentality, "fast" posture and "fight", fully open the attack mode, run out of the 100-day sprint acceleration. Charge trumpet sounded, determined as a rock, determined to win the battle of the annual target task!
Safeguard plant: the company held the 11th surface treatment plant topping-out ceremony
At noon on November 29, the company held a grand topping-out ceremony for No. 11 surface treatment plant at the construction site. Company leaders Li Yuping, Wang Haitao, Zhang Xiao, leaders of relevant functional departments and leaders of construction units attended this important moment to complete the last bucket of concrete pouring on the roof of the plant.
Li Yuping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board, expressed his heartfelt thanks and high respect to all the employees involved in the project, and highly praised the professional ability and teamwork spirit shown by the protection plant and all the participating units in the construction process.
The successful topping out of the plant is a milestone of the project's stage-by-stage victory. as a key project to solve the company's key production capacity bottleneck, especially the bottleneck of the surface treatment production capacity, since the start of the project on February 19th this year, all the participating units have overcome the difficulties of the deep foundation pit and high supporting molds through several months of intense construction, and successfully carried out the early topping out of the main structure. the construction area of No.11 Surface Treatment Plant is 14,000 square meters, with a building height of 20,000 square meters, and a building height of 20,000 square meters. The building area of No.11 surface treatment plant is 14,000 square meters, building height is 20.55 meters, east and west annexes are 4 floors, and the main plant is 2 floors, which contains 7 surface treatment production lines and 1 paint spraying production line. As a "gas station" on the company's way forward, the position in the reform and development of the enterprise is pivotal, directly related to the quality and efficiency to complete the higher level of the political task of equipment development, related to the formation of the force's combat effectiveness, but also related to the hopes and expectations of all the people of Zheng Fei, the next security plant and the participating units to work together and strive to move forward to do all the security for the installation of equipment, to provide a good protection for the installation of equipment, and to provide a good protection for the production line and the painting line. Next, the plant will make concerted efforts with all participating units to work hard to ensure that the equipment is installed properly and make unremitting efforts for the final delivery and use of the plant. (Zhao Yinpeng)
Procurement Department: Successfully Completed the 2023 Annual Spare Parts Program in Various Fields
On November 15, with the smooth acceptance of the last batch of spare parts, the Purchasing Department successfully completed the 2023 annual spare parts plan.
The implementation of the spare parts plan faced great pressure and challenges. The Purchasing Department strictly followed the planning nodes, and all the staff worked together to overcome the problems one by one to ensure the smooth implementation of the spare parts plan. Planners plan carefully to ensure accurate spare parts demand; purchasers actively contact suppliers to ensure that spare parts arrive on time; custody and acceptance strict control to ensure that spare parts are accurately received and issued without error; dispatchers precise scheduling to ensure that spare parts are delivered in time; and production preparations to ensure that all aspects of the accelerated close cooperation.
The Purchasing Department insists on taking the company's production outline as the guide, maintains the spirit of unity and cooperation, positively pulls, takes the initiative, and increases the coordination to provide strong protection for the company's 100-day attack. (Lu Bingyu)
Time is not waiting for me, let go and fight. Every clanging forward figure is the most beautiful scenery of Zheng Fei, let us join hands to unite and struggle posture, and fully promote the high-quality development of aviation equipment construction, in the new era of aviation power journey bravely forward, forward!

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