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Aviation Industry Hafei: In Workshop 45, Listen to the Sound of High Quality Comprehensive Finish


introduce: The small whirlwind in the front line continues to online. "High-quality comprehensive closing, high starting point for the beginning of the start," the horn has been blown, today, we came to 45 workshop to listen to their voices. Sci

The small whirlwind in the front line continues to online. "High-quality comprehensive closing, high starting point for the beginning of the start," the horn has been blown, today, we came to 45 workshop to listen to their voices.
Scientific planning to draw the closing "battle chart"
Workshop to the annual task of high-quality comprehensive closing tone, carry out labor competition, around the annual task objectives, analysis of the current task situation, balanced decomposition of the remaining tasks, according to the professional implementation of scientific and accurate assessment, to ensure that the annual task of high-quality completion.
The workshop adheres to the principle of "plan is discipline", implements fine calendar plan management, identifies potential risks that may affect the delivery of parts in advance, and does a good job in technical support, resource integration and external coordination. The production site is carefully organized, and the "map battle" is carried out to realize the precise linkage between upper and lower processes, and to ensure that the tasks are completed on schedule. In accordance with the weekly on-time delivery rate, the overall completion rate and the product of a pass rate and other dimensions to set up a ladder of incentives to stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation of employees to go all out to win the annual task of high-quality comprehensive final battle.
Grasp the key points and attack the "neck" problem
Around the key work of the year, combing management improvement, scientific and technological research, cost reduction and efficiency and quality of the key work, summarize and solidify the good experience and methods, identify the work of the short board, management weaknesses, in order to plan ahead for next year's key work to lay the foundation.
Workshop held "reveal list of commanders" project activities, focusing on high-frequency problems, according to the difficulty of improving the product is divided into gold list, silver list and bronze list, and give the corresponding incentive amount and mechanism, focus on solving the model production "stranglehold" problem, maximize the mobilization and stimulation of The majority of workers are enthusiastic about learning skills, researching skills, innovation and creation. Continuously promote the construction of MES2.0 for compound materials, comprehensively sort out the pain points and difficulties in the application process of MES for compound materials, and improve and optimize 28 proposals on intelligent storage, establishment of quality management module, addition of basic information reuse function, etc. around four aspects of process setting, data extraction, record improvement and module development, so as to improve the coverage of informatization in each business.
Party Building Leadership: "Embroidery Work" for Guarantees
The Party committee of the workshop takes the "1122" working system of the new era aviation industry high-quality party building project as a guideline, bases on "big party building, big integration, big development, high quality", continuously promotes the new system and new deployments to realize and implement the details, and continuously improves the party building work of the workshop. Systematization, standardization, scientific level. Workshop party committee adhere to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented, result-oriented, focusing on the masses of "urgent difficulties, worries and expectations" and constraints on high-quality development issues, make sufficient embroidery efforts, fine and precise policy. Constantly stimulate the political advantages of the party organization, carry out solid party and group joint study and common construction, carry out in-depth discussions around the inspection standards, technical capabilities, material performance, production efficiency and other work, promote the deep integration of industry, academia and research, and strengthen the output of results.
Continuously improve the work comfort of employees, optimize the process layout of the molding process site, in accordance with the principles of horizontal and vertical unity, product curing curve unity, unimpeded flow of people and logistics, and convenient placement of tooling, to achieve visualization of the production site, to reduce the waste of the operation process, and to improve the efficiency of forklift turnover. Continuously optimize and upgrade the information construction work such as process validation, batch extraction of materials, and integrated application of different systems, and at the same time, establish intelligent material transfer system to place and supply materials on time according to the plan, reduce manual logistics, liberate productivity, and improve work efficiency. Relying on party members' vanguard post, demonstration post and service post, the company has set up several love squads such as work clothes cleaning and meals, and organized a series of "Compound Material Cup" sports and cultural competitions to continuously improve the workers' happiness and sense of achievement, and to provide good services for the realization of high-quality and comprehensive closing, and a high starting point for a good service guarantee.
Ideas, passions and methods. Gather wisdom, morale and strength. Strive to achieve the optimization of industrial structure, efficiency and effectiveness of maximizing the struggle to do, and build a new journey of high-quality development.loitering munitions

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