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Aviation Industry Corporation of China and Aviation Development Corporation of China attended the Ch


introduce: On May 10, the 2024 China Brand Day event opened in Shanghai. Zhang Guoqing, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, attended the launch ceremony of the 2024 China Brand Day event and delive

On May 10, the 2024 China Brand Day event opened in Shanghai. Zhang Guoqing, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, attended the launch ceremony of the 2024 China Brand Day event and delivered a speech.
Zhang Guoqing said that strengthening brand building is an intrinsic requirement for developing new productive forces and promoting high-quality development. General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to promote the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, from China Speed to China Quality, and from Chinese Products to Chinese Brands, which provided fundamental compliance and action guidelines for brand building and led the development of Chinese brands to achieve remarkable results. On the new journey, we must thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, thoroughly implement the strategy of strengthening the country through quality, solidly carry out actions to create Chinese brands, adhere to the innovation drive, deepen reform and opening up, support enterprises to rely on innovation to increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands, and support enterprises Actively participate in international market cooperation and competition, promote quality upgrading and brand efficiency through standard upgrading, vigorously strengthen fair competition law enforcement and intellectual property protection, actively create a good environment for brand development, and provide strong support for promoting high-quality development and realizing Chinese-style modernization.
Zhang Guoqing emphasized that China will unswervingly implement high-level opening up to the outside world, continue to expand market access, treat domestic and foreign-funded enterprises equally, and welcome more world brands to China to share opportunities, common development, and mutual benefit.
Zhou Xinmin, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, attended the launching ceremony.
2024 coincides with the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the tenth anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition of "three transformations." During the eighth "China Brand Day", Aviation Industry Corporation of China took "Aviation Technology, Leading Intelligent Manufacturing" as the exhibition theme, which focused on the implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and instructions by Aviation Industry Corporation of China. Responsible for the main business, vigorously develop new productive forces, and create world-class brands.
This year is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese lunar calendar. The image of the dragon represents might, strength and courage. On the front side of the booth, a model of the "Vyron" J-20 stealth fighter, which represents the cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing level of my country's aviation industry, is displayed. It echoes and embodies the new era aviation spirit of "loyalty and dedication, self-reliance, hard work, and brave climb to the top" to serve the country. This means that Aviation Industry Corporation of China resolutely fulfills its primary responsibility of “building a strong military” and supports China’s modernization with high-level aviation technology and self-reliance.
As the "flower of modern industry and the crown of manufacturing", the aviation industry is a strong support for building an aviation power and realizing Chinese-style modernization. The "Kunpeng" Y-20 model and the "Kunlong" AG600M model located in the middle of the booth carry the national will, the national dream, and the "big aircraft dream" expected by the people, reflecting the Aviation Industry Corporation of China's active implementation of major national strategies. Development achievements achieved by serving economic and social development and meeting the needs of the development of my country's large aircraft industry and the construction of emergency rescue systems.
On the other side of the booth, military armed helicopters represented by the Z-20 "Shendiao" and Z-10 "Thunderbolt" and the "Auspicious Bird" series of civilian helicopters represented by the AC313A and AC332 formed a dense formation flight scene, displaying This is due to the determination and confidence of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, which adheres to innovation-driven development, insists on developing new products for future needs, strives to build an advanced manufacturing system, and build a world-class helicopter enterprise.
During China Brand Day, Aviation Industry Corporation of China organized and carried out brand leadership action promotion, brand asset protection themed exchanges and "big brand" market system seminars, and held aviation brand digital laboratories, aviation brand cross-border alliances, and "aviation culture" A series of brand launch activities such as "Creation" VI upgrade and "Universiade" deformed mecha were launched to promote the in-depth brand building and continue to enhance brand influence.
The advanced aviation equipment, aviation brand concepts and aviation characteristic culture displayed in this exhibition are the specific practices of Aviation Industry Corporation of China in implementing the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “Three Transformations”. Facing the future, Aviation Industry Corporation of China will always keep in mind the "biggest country", strive to build a modern aviation industry system, build a "big brand" market system, strive to build a world-class brand, and demonstrate the "backbone" and "ballast stone" of central enterprises as a powerful weapon. brand image and contribute aviation power on the new journey of Chinese-style modernization.
It is also reported that on May 10, the 2024 China Brand Day event opened in Shanghai. China Aviation Development Corporation brought star products such as Yangtze-1000A commercial engine, Turboshaft-16 engine, "Taihang 110" heavy-duty gas turbine, and "Taihang 7" light gas turbine for the first time. Participate in China Brand Day activities to showcase the latest achievements of the group's innovative development and brand building. Accelerating independent research and development and creating a strong "Chinese heart" brand image of the group have won widespread praise. Yang Lufeng, deputy general manager and party member of China Aviation Development Corporation, attended the Brand Day event.
In-depth study and implementation of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the "Three Transformations", and conscientious implementation of the relevant requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council on brand building. In recent years, China Aviation Development Corporation has vigorously promoted the implementation of special brand leadership actions and improved brand management. Basic capabilities, improve key elements of brand building, promote brand building and create a source of original technology, build a long modern industrial chain, and cultivate strategic emerging industries, forming "Taihang" advanced aviation power/gas turbine, "Yangtze River" commercial aviation power and other product brands with strong market competitiveness and cultural brands with industry influence such as "Zhuxin Culture". China Aviation Development Corporation actively enriches the brand connotation and strengthens brand communication. The brand communication power, influence, awareness and reputation have been continuously improved, which strongly supports the acceleration of building a world-class aviation engine group.
The 2024 China Brand Day event will include an online exhibition hall and an on-site exhibition area. The Yangtze-1000A commercial engine, Turboshaft-16 engine, "Taihang 110" heavy-duty gas turbine, "Taihang 7" light gas turbine type 4 aero engine and gas turbine products on display at the China Aerospace Science and Technology Commission have advanced technology, reliable quality and obvious advantages. They are China's Typical representatives of the transformation from manufacturing to Chinese creation, from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands, are well-known both at home and abroad.

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