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Application requirements and trends of police drones


introduce:With the rapid development of drones, especially industrial drones, drones have been widely used in police work, effectively solving the tasks that were previously difficult to accomplish in some public security work. In the anti-terrorism operations, lar

With the rapid development of drones, especially industrial drones, drones have been widely used in police work, effectively solving the tasks that were previously difficult to accomplish in some public security work. In the anti-terrorism operations, large-scale event security, mass incidents, as well as forest fire prevention, emergency prevention and control and other combat tasks to play a good social and economic effects.

First, actual combat

In addition to the application of various types of military drones, the police drones need to be used for public security daily policing. Police drones must not only be used in complex environments, but also need to be applied to public security applications, such as remote viewing of details, face recognition, license plate recognition, and mounting of shouts, throwing and catching cyber guns, tear gas. Dispose of the equipment to effectively dispose of the site.

Second, improve performance

For police drones, in addition to longer air time, farther control radius, higher control accuracy, you should also pay attention to the task equipment that is mounted. In particular, the application scenarios of police drones are complex, with high-rise buildings and large traffic. Some villages in the city are also covered with various types of cables. The terrain features are complex. In the west, there are harsh environments such as sand and sand. In this case, How to ensure that police drones can safely and effectively complete law enforcement tasks is a problem that all uav manufacturers need to solve.

Third, rich features

At present, most of the police drones are still in the initial stage of aerial photography, and the application form and application scenario are very simple. Police drones required by the actual police departments should not only be suitable for airborne reconnaissance, but also capable of carrying out various combat missions such as anti-terrorism, forest fire prevention, emergency air defense, smuggling, large-scale event security, and mass incident handling. . Faced with different tasks, how to quickly integrate and mount different accessories is also a real problem.

Fourth, rapid deployment

In some police combat missions, the drones are required to be assembled immediately after they arrive at the scene, and they will be launched quickly and unfolded for investigation. In some areas, it is necessary to realize that when the 110 command center receives the police, the drone can receive the background instructions and automatically fly to the alarm location.

V. Data security

The special nature of police work requires that the police drone must be safe when transmitting data, the confidentiality requirements are high, and the task content cannot be leaked at will. When using a drone to perform tasks, data and communication transmission must be data chained to ensure content security.

Sixth, structured data processing

With the development of public security big data, the massive data collected by front-end equipment including police drones, how to extract effective information and combine with the police system is also a hot spot that local public security organs are actively exploring. At present, some UAV manufacturers have realized the extraction of information such as people, non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles in the shooting picture, and quickly extract effective information after tracing and analyzing the time.

Seven, product form development

Large police drones often use high-definition and large zoom to shoot the pan/tilt, easily obtain clear scenes from thousands of meters, or mount declarative detectors, rescue supplies, etc., while small drones are used for small drones. Quick framing. Helicopters and multi-rotors are often used for emergency handling, while fixed-wings are used for long-range, large-scale patrol inspections.

Future drones will be intelligent, not just devices that command passive action. In practical application scenarios, especially in the face of disaster relief, the environment is extremely complicated, and manual operations have great limitations. Therefore, an intelligent drone with active judgment and sensing ability can be well applied in actual use, and the intelligent level of drone represented by autonomous control will be greatly improved in the future. After adopting artificial intelligence and other technologies, the drone can independently complete various tasks in different environments.

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