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" Sky Net 1 " Network Interception System " Sky Net 1 " Network Interception System
  • " Sky Net 1 " Network Interception System
  • " Sky Net 1 " Network Interception System

" Sky Net 1 " Network Interception System


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Product Description

The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) launched the “Synet 1” interception system, which is aimed at low altitude, slow speed and small targets. The shape of the skynet-1 is similar to that of a conventional quad-mounted anti-aircraft missile.

"Skynet" system from the detection, location, tracking, interference, capture to eliminate risk can be said to be a "dragon" service, which also makes it become China's "skynet" to become the killer of drones.
The anti-drone defense system is composed of command center, fixed station and vehicle-mounted mobile station. The command center is deployed in the forward comprehensive command headquarters to grasp the overall low-altitude situation in the surrounding area and quickly issue counter-command with one key; The fixed station is deployed at a certain commanding height. It is composed of spider web radar, radio detection, photoelectric infrared and jamming countermeasures. It can detect, track and identify low and small targets such as uav, helicopter and hot air balloon in real time. Mobile vehicle station integrated with spider web radar, photoelectric infrared and jamming countermeasures equipment, flexible deployment, rapid deployment. The anti-drone defense system integrates various detection means, integrates the fixed station and vehicle-mounted mobile station to form a network, and combines dynamic and static forces to build an anti-drone low-altitude prevention and control network, so as to realize the early detection, accurate identification, rapid decision-making and effective countermeasures of drone targets.

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