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Folding-wing drone swarm (cluster) launcher
  • Folding-wing drone swarm (cluster) launcher

Folding-wing drone swarm (cluster) launcher


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On August 18, 2018, the department of defense, the latest development road map, with emphasis on the cluster technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to meet our country cluster this cutting-edge technology development demand for launch, folding wing uavs air conditioning was developed continuous dense launchers, has low overload, specifications of the high frequency can launch continuously filled the blank of domestic relevant industry technology, to solve the current folding wing uavs launch device with gunpowder as the method of power supply. At present, most of the launcher devices of gun-fired UAVs use gunpowder as power source, such as the "Quick Look", "Lokas" and "Lamu" gun-fired patrol missiles developed by the United States and the R-90 gun-fired patrol missiles developed by Russia. These devices involve the storage, transportation and use of pyrotechnical products, and have the physical characteristics such as sound, light and smoke that are easy to expose the launching site. Compared with traditional launchers, air-cooled catapult has the advantages of strong penetration capability, long space time, large combat range, low cost of expendable materials and support during launch, and reduced logistic burden, etc., and has become a new favorite of small unmanned aerial vehicles in military and civil fields.
1. Function introduction
The MG50-1 folding-wing drone swarm launcher uses the energy stored in the pre-work or intermittent system to convert it into kinetic energy to boost the drone’s take-off when the drone takes off, making the drone look like The bow and arrow were shot out. Its function is to help eject various types of UAVs for military and civilian use, suitable for different environments.
The system can be installed on platforms such as armored vehicles and ships to improve its maneuverability. It can be quickly deployed and launched quickly to compete for the dominance of the battlefield. By adjusting the precharge pressure, it can meet the requirements of the take-off speed of the folding-wing UAVs of different weights. At the same time, the system has the functions of slow-in and slow-out of UAV, detection of loading in place, ventilation and heat dissipation.
2. Working principle
The folding-wing drone swarm launcher uses nitrogen (or compressed air) as the working medium to compress the nitrogen (or compressed air) for energy storage. When launching, the control circuit sends a command to the release mechanism to open the release channel, and The stored energy is released instantly, and the high-pressure gas launches the drone out of the barrel. At present, the device is mainly aimed at the launch of folding-wing UAVs and realizes the cluster launch of UAVs.
3. Military use
The device has no smoke, no magnetism, and no infrared generation during the launch process. It has strong concealment and has a short preparation period. Generally, it takes 5-10 minutes to enter the launch site until it is ready to launch. It has low site requirements and is convenient for military use. The sudden control of the enemy.
The device can be applied to the take-off and ejection of folding-wing UAVs such as reconnaissance, attack, cruise, electronic countermeasures, and training.
Four, other application areas
The main working medium of the device is nitrogen (or compressed air). The launch is safe and reliable. There are no problems with the storage and transportation of pyrotechnic devices and the qualification of using gunpowder launching. At the same time, the launch cost is low. It can be on duty and is very suitable for the take-off and ejection of various civil folding-wing UAVs.
Five, technical parameters
Launch method: gas compression storage launch (working pressure is determined according to launch load and overload requirements)
Launch object: folding wing drone
Maximum take-off weight: 5kg-50kg adjustable
Launch acceleration: 30g-120g adjustable
Take-off speed: 10m/s-50m/s adjustable
Launch angle: automatic lift, 0°--45° adjustable, with bracket to connect with vehicle
6. Technical features:
Compared with traditional launch technology (gunpowder launch, electromagnetic launch, steam launch, etc.), the features are as follows
1. Short launch preparation time:
The folding-wing UAV can be equipped with launch conditions by simply installing it in the launch tube and charging the device. Strive for the first opportunity for the launch of the folding-wing UAV.
2. The swarm launcher has a compact structure:
The device has a compact structure and uses a swarm to launch a folding-wing UAV. Take the continuous launch of 60 bursts of 125mm folding-wing UAVs as an example. The device can be integrated in transport vehicles, armored vehicles, ships, etc. On the platform, the applicability is strong.
3. High security:
Using cold launch technology, there is no pyrotechnic device used in the entire launch process, so the safety of the product in use, transportation, storage and other links is greatly improved. The entire device has undergone a pressure test of more than 1.5 times the rated working pressure to ensure that the device can store energy , The launch is safe and reliable.
4. Low launch cost and no pollution:
Because nitrogen (or compressed air) is used as the working power source, no light, high temperature, smoke, electromagnetic and other signals will be generated during the emission process, so the use process has no impact on the environment. It only consumes about 5 bottles of nitrogen for a 60 burst swarm launch, and the cost of use is lower than other launch methods.
5. Short time interval for cluster launch of drones:
The interval between each launch of the swarm can be controlled within 2--3s, which can realize the rapid and continuous take-off of the swarm drone.
6. Strong adaptability:
1) Adjust and updat the inner diameter and length of different launch barrels to adapt to the launch of folding-wing UAVs with different outer diameters. According to the different launch parameters of the drone, the overload and launch angle can be adjusted to adapt to the launch of folding-wing drones of different specifications and models.
2) There are no qualification restrictions on the use and transportation of explosives.
3) There are no special requirements for the launch site and climatic conditions.
7. Easy to use and maintain:
The launch control panel has the function of preventing misoperation to avoid hidden dangers caused by misoperation. At the same time, it adopts mature sealing technology. The mouth of the launch tube is covered by a cover to prevent foreign matter from entering the device and easy to maintain.
The device can complete all operations of unmanned aerial vehicle ejection such as charging and storing energy and releasing energy through the touch screen panel. At the same time, the operating system can be connected to a smart phone for remote control operations through the phone.
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