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navy target drones
  • navy target drones

navy target drones


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navy target drones

navy target drones

navy target drones

navy target drone

us navy target drones, us navy drones aircraft, BQM-177A target drones for U.S. Navy. BQM-34 Firebee target drone.

The purpose of developing navy target drone: with the improvement of anti-ship missile in speed, maneuverability, stealth and electronic countermeasures, weapon system engineers have to develop increasingly complex air defense guidance weapon system to provide regional air defense protection or point air defense protection for marine combat forces. Although more and more high fidelity simulation environment is used to support combat simulation and effectiveness evaluation, when the missile and its related guidance system must prove its real performance, it is still necessary to carry out verification work before development, training and deployment. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the effective short-range defense capability against the new generation of asymmetric air threats, including light aircraft, helicopters and small UAVs. Although the training simulator plays a certain role, it can not updat the actual navy target drone in the real environment. Therefore, it is still necessary to simulate the motion characteristics and signal characteristics of conventional or specific threats reliably to verify the reasoning performance in the simulation environment. In many cases, these navy target drones are complex UAVs, equipped with avionics components, power devices and control systems, which can show the motion characteristics, flight profiles and countermeasures adopted by typical targets, so as to comprehensively test and evaluate the guidance system and combat effectiveness of Shipborne air defense weapons.

源文:发展海军靶机的目的: 随着反舰导弹在速度、机动性、隐身和 电子对抗能力等方面的提高,武器系统工程师们不 得不研制日益复杂的防空制导武器系统,以便为海上作战部队提供区域防空保护或点防空保护。尽管 现在越来越多地使用高保真度的仿真环境来支持作 战模拟和效能评估,但是,当导弹及其相关制导系 统必须证明其真实性能时,仍有必要在研制、训练 以及部署前进行验证工作。同时,也需要确保对新 一代不对称空中威胁(包括轻型飞机、直升机和小 型无人机)的有效近距防御能力。虽然训练模拟器 具有一定的作用,但还无法替代真实环境中的实际靶机。因此,仍需要能可靠地模拟常规或特定类型威胁的运动特性和信号特征的靶机,以验证模拟环境中推理出的性能。在很多情况下,这些靶机都是复杂的无人机,装有航电设备组件、动力装置和控制系统,能够展现出典型目标的运动特性、飞行剖 面以及目标所采用的对抗措施,从而可以全面地对舰载防空武器的制导系统和作战效能进行试验和评估。

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