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Subsonic Target Drone
  • Subsonic Target Drone

Subsonic Target Drone


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Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Product Description

FH100S target drone is used for air defense/air force operation training and missile system development andevaluation. It features low RCS, high maneuver, low IR emission and super low alitude capabilities, and high cost-effectiveness.It can be used in dense air fleet.

Technical Indicators





Max Speed最高转速

700km/h (5,000 m MSL)


20mAGL to 10,000m MSL


6g (5,000m MSL)


Up to 45 minutes

Operating Radius工作半径

Up to 300 km(intervisibilty)

Control Mode控制方式

Autonomous and Remote control自主遥控

Launch Method发射法

Rocket-assisted 火箭助推

Recovery Method回收方法

Parachute 降落伞

Payload Capacity有效载荷能力



Jammer干扰机, Seeker Simulator导引头模拟器, Infrared or Chaff Jamming Bombs红外或箔条干扰弹, Active or Passive Radar Augmentation主动或被动雷达增强, Light Tracer, etc.轻型跟踪器等

Typical tactical maneuvers典型战术机动

Lateral Maneuver, S Maneuver, Half Roll, Barrel Roll ,Steep Dive and Climb,Used in Dense Air fleet, etc.

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