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Water Proof Drone Sprayer UAV Pesticide Sprayer Drone Water Proof Drone Sprayer UAV Pesticide Sprayer Drone Water Proof Drone Sprayer UAV Pesticide Sprayer Drone
  • Water Proof Drone Sprayer UAV Pesticide Sprayer Drone
  • Water Proof Drone Sprayer UAV Pesticide Sprayer Drone
  • Water Proof Drone Sprayer UAV Pesticide Sprayer Drone

Water Proof Drone Sprayer UAV Pesticide Sprayer Drone



Min. Order: 1 set
Supply Ability: /Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Product Name:
10L agriculture sprayer uav
engineering plastic+aviation aluminium
Work Efficiency:
12S smart battery
Pesticide Tank:
Max Takeoff WT:
Flight Duration:

Product Description

Application: Agriculture, plant spray, protection etc.

1. Performance parameter

External dimension: φ1400×480mm(excluding propeller unfold size)

Φ 600×640mm(fold size)

Medicine box volume:10L

standard working capacity:10kg

whole machine weight:8.9kg(excluding battery)

Standard take off weight:23kg

Max efficient takeoff weight:25kg

Power battery: 12S smart battery

Working height:2-4m/s

The best working speed:4.8-6 m/s

Max working speed:10 m/s

Hovering time:non-load≥26min full load≥10min

Max decline speed:3 m/s

Max flight speed:15 m/s

Max sustainable wind:6 degree

Max flight altitude:3500m

Hovering precision:horizontal±0.02m vertical±0.05(RTK)

Flight working time:6-12 minutes/plane

Spray flow:1.8--2.2L/min

Fogdelet diameter:90--280μm(adjustable)

The overall width of the spray:3.5--6m(depending on height)

2. Product feature

2.1 Modular connection design, vulnerable parts special treatment, waterproof.

2.2 The medicine cabinet with filtration system and liquid automatic stir, anti-oscillation, easy washing, and automatic alarm without medicine.

2.3 Double color indicator light, easy for night flight, equipped with smart battery, portable design, convenient and useful.

2.4 To support to change many sprayer and meet demand of many kinds of plant. Propeller and UAV can be collapsible without disassembly, easy to transport.

2.5 Built-in electrical speed regulator to realize waterproof and heat dissipation at the same time.

2.6 Industrial grade motor, high efficiency, creative motor protection equipment, to keep motor safe and performance reliable.

2.7 Water pump without brush design, high pressure and good atomization.

2.8 AB point and simple operation to learn easily, and it is available for all the terrain.

2.9 UVA chooses omnibearing radar obstacle avoidance and RTK centimeter-lever orientation to apply for complex terrain and automatic spray huge farmland and irregular terrain.

3. Advantage of Plant Protection UAV

3.1 Our products adopt patent waterproof technology design and IP67 degree waterproof, and it isn’t afraid of paddy field and easy to maintain when terrible weather or filling into water by accident.

3.2 Collapsible and quick release design and foot shelf quick release design for take conveniently.

3.3 It is innovative medicine case design which bottom is add strainer, the strainer is detachable and easy to wash. And our product add stirring system to prevent nonuniform medicine liquid when working.

3.4 Quick insert type smart IC design and portable quick insert design to change easily.

3.5 It has pharmacy monitoring sensor to alarm without medicine, and medicine cabinet anti-shake design.

3.6 Diversification design and many sprayers to meet different kinds of plant’s demand.

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Water Proof Drone Sprayer UAV Pesticide Sprayer Drone Price:$6300.00/Unit

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