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Tilt-rotor uav G10 Tilt-rotor uav G10
  • Tilt-rotor uav G10
  • Tilt-rotor uav G10

Tilt-rotor uav G10


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Quick Details

Product Description

Spot the vanguard for ten miles
Can take off and land vertically, autonomous route high-speed cruise flight, air hover, etc
. Can be equipped with dual photoelectric pods (visible and infrared detection), intelligent identification and tracking of targets
Support rapid disassembly of wing, tail and pylon
. Super endurance, lasting for 2h
Maximum mission load up to 5kg
Control radius 50km

G10 is the first uav model using tilt-rotor technology. Combining the advantages of multi-rotor vertical takeoff and landing and the high speed and long flight time of fixed wing, it can take off and land vertically to adapt to the complex and narrow terrain such as mountains and ships. It can effectively improve the problems of short flight time and limited range of motion of multi-rotor uav.
G10 uav is equipped with intelligent and fully autonomous flight capability. It can take off, hover, tilt, fly and land with one button. It is easy to operate and has a low threshold for users. Equipped with optical pod to complete aerial reconnaissance, target acquisition, target tracking and other tasks.
The aircraft adopts mechanical and electrical integration design, the integration of mechanical interface and electrical interface, the whole machine is easy to disassemble, greatly reducing the time of deployment and withdrawal. Pure electric power system, safe and reliable.
Technical Specification


Maximum overall size

9mX3.3mx0.55m (captain-wingspan - aircraft height)


18kg (including battery, no photovoltaic pod and link)

Navigation lights can be visual distance

1 km

Available onboard

Double photoelectricity pod, hd camera, hd digital camera, etc


High-altitude shooting, monitoring, reconnaissance, survey, real-time transmission of video to the ground receiving equipment, and save high-definition video.


Fully autonomous mode

Drone specifications

positioning system

GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer

Power type


Max range


Max endurance

2 h

Max control radius

50 km (ground station )

Max flight speed


Cruising speeds


Max flight altitude

5 km

Max sustained wind speed

Cruise resistance wind 6, take off and land resistance crosswind 4

Max mission payload


Max take-off weight


Body material

All carbon fiber body

Remote characters


1. Control the flight attitude and direction of the aircraft through the remote pole device;
2. Control the flight control mode of the aircraft through switches and buttons.

working frequency


Signal effective range

1Km (open outdoor without interference)

power supply mode

Lithium battery, rechargeable, 2000mAh, 7.4v

run time

> 4 hours

D06 ground control station

Ground control station power supply system

Input voltage: 100-240 vac 50/60 HZ
Output voltage: DC +18V
Output current: 9.5a

working frequency

The video adopts 580±5MHZ for full hd video reception

The communication adopts 840±5MHZ data transmission module for transceiver control

Signal effective range

50km (open outdoor without interference)

screen resolution

1920 X 1080

Video storage resolution

Hd 1080 p

interface type


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