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ND-08 Portable Unmanned Aerial Equipment Interference System
  • ND-08 Portable Unmanned Aerial Equipment Interference System

ND-08 Portable Unmanned Aerial Equipment Interference System


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Product Description

With the popularity of UAVs, due to the low cost of consumer unmanned aerial vehicles, easy access, simple control, with many UAV manufacturers to enter the market, making commercial unmanned aerial vehicles quickly into the civilian areas, the number of users gradually increased, Difficult, can easily be used by lawless elements, to security, confidential work to bring a lot of pressure. In the international field, for the UAV phenomenon has taken the relevant preventive measures, but the domestic UAV supervision is still in a blank state, if not take the appropriate prevention and control measures, illegal unmanned aerial vehicles will be to air supervision, Air safety caused great hidden dangers, unmanned aerial device jammer can effectively control the UAV illegal flying.


1)protection of domestic prohibited areas, such as: prison, military management area, national strategic resources projects, nuclear industry facilities, airports, political and other regions;

2) to prevent the leakage of information on the scene, such as: the scene of major criminal cases, urban management law enforcement scene, an important security venues, political followers protection, large-scale performance rehearsal, archaeological excavation site, large groups event site;

3) to combat the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as a carrier of illegal activities, such as: transport / drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.

ND series of portable unmanned aerial vehicle interference box is mainly through the launch of high-power electromagnetic waves, the flight of the UAV control, remote cut off the connection between the UAV and remote control. Can be on the UAV in situ landing or return to the starting point of the functional control, security areas within the low-altitude airspace security.

Product description:

1. Composition: Interception system host, tripod, charging power;

2. Portable design: portable box design, easy to carry;

3. Regulatory model: Landing or returning to takeoff;

4. The farthest control distance: 1000 meters (covering the entire low open area);

5. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery: can be used in any place, lithium battery for equipment to work for 60 minutes;

6. Simple operation: different frequency band free control switch, shot down, drive away from the two modes of free choice;

7. Appearance: light box design, portable lightweight;

8. Strike object: the use of remote control remote control, GPS, Beidou, Galileo, GLonASS and other equipment navigation and 2.4G and 5.8G communication equipment.

Product main performance indicators:

1. The most remote control distance: 1000 meters (covering the entire low open area);

2. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery: working time 60 minutes;

3. Portable operation: can be supported on the ground or tripod operation;

4. Control mode: button-type targeted frequency band interference, the UAV can land or return to the starting point;

5. Host weight: ≤ 5.3 kg;

6. Host size: total length 32.3cm, the widest 27.5cm, the highest 15cm;

7. Host structure: high-strength ABS material, reduce the weight of equipment;

8. Use ambient temperature: -35 ℃/ +50 ℃.

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