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Drone Meteorological Sounding System
  • Drone Meteorological Sounding System

Drone Meteorological Sounding System


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Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Product Description

The drone loaded with sounding delet equipment flews for four hours at an altitude of 6,000 meters and transmitted the measured meteorological values to the ground monitoring and control room.
Drone aerological sounding is a technically difficult, complex, interdisciplinary and challenging task. The drone delet sounding system is the most important and basic payload for aircraft aerological sounding. The drone delet sounding system is mainly used to detect atmospheric temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other meteorological elements, the design is complex. Compared with the scouting class, it is more directional and targeted. Compared with the rocket sounding class, it has a wider application range and a larger area. Unmanned aerial vehicle airborne delet sounding system is high precision, small size and light weight. The airborne delet sounding system and delivery system is integrated, the system work fully automatic. As long as there are data lines and power lines, it is not necessary to modify the drone, the equipment can be hung on the wing, abdomen or somewhere in the engine room. The system is equipped with automatic temperature control system to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the system in the temperature range of -90℃ to +70℃.
It fills the gap of using large drone to carry out delet sounding observation in China. The large drone will provide cutting-edge technical support for typhoon detection, ecological monitoring, artificial imaging and collection of severe weather and meteorological data in China.
When the weather like typhoon and tornado comes, the system can directly obtain information from its weather system, which can provide scientific and technological support for the study of its current situation, development trend and future trend, as well as accurate profile data for artificial weather influence and strong support for decision making.

Aerodynamic configuration

Push back style

Body length




Wing area


Height of body


Container of load volume


Max fuel oil reserves

24L(Can be mounted delet tank 50 liters)



Max take-off weight


Max mission load


Max speed


Max flight altitude


Max rate of sea level rise

5m/s at full load



Engine cruising rotational speed


Engine max rotational speed

7200 RPM

Cruising speed


Max overload



5h (11h)

Standard work range

700km (1600km)

Cruising anti-wind capability


Takeoff and landing anti-wind

Level 5

Control radius

200km (or satellite link)





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