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Blowfish A2 Helicopter Drone Blowfish A2 Helicopter Drone
  • Blowfish A2 Helicopter Drone
  • Blowfish A2 Helicopter Drone

Blowfish A2 Helicopter Drone


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Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Product Description

Blowfish A2 is a high payload version of unmanned helicopter
The standard working load is 12kg, which can perform more complex combat tasks and meet higher mission requirements

Large open storage capacity for more professional equipment

Blowfish A2's proprietary lower large open design, large span high stand, high body, external battery, greatly improving the equipment mounting space.

One key operation command triggered by autonomous flight

Blowfish A2 independently performs more complex combat tasks, including fixed-point and fixed-time detection in the middle of the operation, fixed-distance reconnaissance, targeted precision strike, support for remote command change, and complete random tasks such as emergency stop detection and sudden attack.

Dual use military and civilian with super real combat ability
Support the independent customization of installation structure of various professional equipment, and realize the integrated tactical functions of criminal investigation, communication relay, radar detection, weapon throwing, gun long-range shooting, etc.


Whole machine size 187dumpfilx620 mm Excluding main rotor

Maximum takeoff weight 38 Kg Plain data

Empty weight 11Kg Battery free

Standard load 12Kg

Cruising speed 70-90km/h Extreme speed 130km/h

Life time 60 min No load

Wind resistance rating 7 level 17m/s

Maximum use altitude 5100 m Should be at legal flight altitude

Operating temperature -20 ~ 55℃

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