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Tethered Drone Companies
  • Tethered Drone Companies

Tethered Drone Companies


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Min. Order:
Supply Ability: /Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Maximum payloa:
Flight height:
10x Zoom, 1080p HD Imaging
Takeoff weight:
Body material:
Carbon fiber composite
Angular range of motion:
Yaw 360° Pitch 0 ~ -90°
Flight duration:
More than 24h
Wheelbase: 450mm Propeller size: 12inch

Product Description

BG-X24 Tethered UAV is an innovative tethered drone system designed for long-lasting surveillance. The entire UAV system consists of three parts: a UAV platform, a photoelectric cable, and a ground power supply. Put the ground power supply on a ground support such as a police motorcycle, and then connect its aerial cable to the drone to provide power for it. The biggest benefit is that it can work 24 hours a day. The small-size drone adopts a four-rotor design and can be directly placed in a trunk of a police motorcycle.


The ground power can supply drones through the cable with safe continuous energy for 24h a day. (When one battery runs out, just use the back-up battery). Thus, the drone is a suitable solution for long-duration surveillance operations.
Thanks to the photoelectric cable, the ground power offers drones secure, high-speed data transmission. It can be retracted by one button. The cable length can be adjusted.
*Easy -to-use
The system is easy to carry and to deploy. The entire system fits in 2 rugged compact cases which can be carried on a motorcycle: one for the ground power and one for the drone. The system can be operated by one person.

The system perfectly meets the needs for long-lasting surveillance missions. The tethered system is easy to deploy on many fields for high-altitude surveillance such as Natural hazard, Crowd control and Face recognition.

Tethered drone custom
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