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BG-CM5 Missile UAV system BG-CM5 Missile UAV system
  • BG-CM5 Missile UAV system
  • BG-CM5 Missile UAV system

BG-CM5 Missile UAV system


$ negotiable

Min. Order:
Supply Ability: /Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Efficient payload:
Cruising speed:
Operating Voltage:
6s Li battery(22.2V)
Total takeoff weight:
Carbon fiber composites and aviation aluminum alloys
Max thrust:
Wingspan 700mm , Body length 650m

Product Description

BG-CM5 Missile UAV system is a tiny military drone loaded with mini, but ultra-powerful missiles launched by our company. It can adapt to various types of terrains thanks to its innovatively unique shape. There are three ways available to take off vertically and it supports landing with a 180 ° tilt. Two flight modes are available. It can finish multiple jobs perfectly with long standby time.

Secured: able to adapt to various complex terrain; three ways available to take off vertically; support landing with 180 ° tilt; fully sealed design reduces body damage; sharp, vertical tail design increases traction on land.
Innovative: its twin-duct power system supports two operation modes including takeoff and landing mode and cruising mode;
Powerful: Long standby time enables it to stay in a complex environment for a long time, able to take off and land at any time.
Easy-to-use: Easy to carry and deploy thanks to its small size and tight structure.

Land Inspection with real-time video feeds.
Obstacle clearance: launch missiles to clear obstacles in advance before entering an unfamiliar area;
Air strikes: create a diversion for enemy or make suicide attacks.

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