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An Introduction of BG-JX300 UAV system An Introduction of BG-JX300 UAV system
  • An Introduction of BG-JX300 UAV system
  • An Introduction of BG-JX300 UAV system

An Introduction of BG-JX300 UAV system


$ negotiable

Min. Order:
Supply Ability: /Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Max payload:
Duration of flight:
>=10h (full load)
Max flight height:
7km above sea level
Body weight:
Max speed in level flight:
Rate of climb:
Total takeoff weight:
Cruising speed:
Operating radius:
Body Material:
Carbon fiber composites and aviation aluminum alloys
Wingspan 7m Body length 4.3m Height 1.7m
630cc Two-cylinder opposed two-stroke engine

Product Description

BG-JX300 UAV system is one of the flagship products at our company. It adopts a pull propeller and a twin tail which bring large lift-to-drag ratio and good aerodynamic performance to ensure its ultra-high cruising speed. With outstanding characteristics of large load and long voyage, BG-JX300 is very suitable for material transportation in many situations such as military war simulation.

The duration of flight with a payload of 70kg is up to 10h. It can travel as long as 1600km when it runs at 160km/h.
Two control modes available. One is automatic flight mode where the airframe flies according to pre-set route with one button to press to take off and land. This mode is often used in daily cruising. The other one is semiautomatic flight where pilots can change the path when necessary, which is often used in temporary task performing.
It takes no longer than 30min to unfold and withdrawal the flight. The distance of aircraft take-off and landing is less than 300m. The airframe can be quickly assembled or disassembled.
Built-in multiple-protection system. All Parts can be customized, and repaired and replaced after sale. The fuel used in the engine is 95# gasoline mixed with lubricating oil, which can be purchased at regular gas stations.

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