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  • 86-755-27526992

    Shenzhen Sunbang Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-0755-29636549

    Shenzhen Jinlong Power Co., Limited

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  • 86-0755-23571220

    Shenzhen Hysincere Battery Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-28376364-8006

    Dynabat New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Fujian

    Cylindrical 18650 Lithium battery,Lithium Polymer Battery,Lithium-ion Starter...
  • 86-755-23000958

    Shenzhen Unit Pack Power Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-36896686

    Shenzhen Jinke Energy Development Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-84583181

    Shenzhen Lastar Energy Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-578-8181596

    Zhejiang Kan Battery Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-21-68681828

    Shanghai Mylion New Energy Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-769-28680966

    Dongguan Liliang Electronics Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-89369935

    Shenzhen Richest Energy Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-431-85367979

    Changchun Haotai Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 0086-755-89610132

    Shenzhen HPY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-29822748

    Shenzhen Taico Technology Co., Ltd.

    LiFePo4 Battery,18650 Battery,Lead Aicd Battery,Deep Cycle Battery,Solar Battery
  • 86-769-82605822

    Dongguan Victory Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

    Lipo 7.4V 1300mAh,7.4V Lipo Charger,NIMH D9000 12V,NIMH 9.6V 1600mAh
  • 86-755-28137855

    Shenzhen CEL Battery Co., Ltd.

    Lithium polymer Battery,Lithium Iron Phosphate battery,High Volage Lithium po...
  • 0086-755-89335456

    Howell Energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

    Lithium polymer battery,Lifepo4 battery,Lithium ion battery,Ni-mh battery
  • 86-755-86508789

    Shenzhen JNT Technology Co., Ltd.

    Laptop Battery,Camera Battery,Camera Flash light,Laptop AC adapter charger,LE...
  • 86-0755-32826846

    Shenzhen UNIS Technology Co., Ltd.

    Li-ion battery,Battery charger,battery pack,Accessories,Li-mn battery
  • 86-755-23281970

    Shenzhen MYD Technology Limited

    Li-PO Battery,Ni-MH/CD Battery,Battery charger,battery,18650 battery
  • 0086-10-53395502

    CLZ (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

    Lithium Battery,LiFePo4 Battery,Li Polymer Battery,Li-ion battery
  • 86-755-28193910

    Shenzhen GPCOMM Technology Ltd.

    Military battery, drone charger
  • 0086-0755-21505802

    Shenzhen Xiteyou Electronic Co., Ltd.

    drone battery
  • 86-755-33967993

    Shenzhen SaiRi Battery Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-150-59259134

    Shenzhen Typhon Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 0086-0373-5282881

    Henan Xintaihang Power Source Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-89335286

    Shenzhen Grenergy Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-83746079

    Shenzhen Evva Technology Co., Limited

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  • 86-755-28237685

    Shenzhen Honghaosheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-28169348

    Shenzhen A&S Power Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-0769-87285025

    Dongguan Sunly Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-23460581

    Shenzhen Data Power Technology Ltd.

    Li Polymer Battery,Li-Ion Battery,Power Bank,Charger,Li-Ion Polymer Battery Pack
  • 86-755-61189826

    Shenzhen Masspower Electronic Co., Ltd.

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  • 0086-755-27723215

    Shenzhen YKXbattery Energy Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-83192490

    Shenzhen Ivy Digital Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Mobile Phone Battery,Power Bank,Battery Case for iPhone,Phone Charger,Car Cha...
  • 86-0755-26457352

    Shenzhen Guoshikang Technology Co., Ltd.

    UAV Multirotor Battery
  • 86-755-82581455

    Shenzhen Chipu Electronic Technology Ltd.

    Lithium primary battery,Lithium ion battery,Digital battery,Ni-Cd battery,Lit...
  • 0086-755-27798579

    Shenzhen JKN Battery Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-84535976

    Shenzhen UFO Source Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    Lithium Battery (Lithium Polymer Battery,Lithium Phosphate Battery)
  • 86-755-23008205

    Shenzhen Hopcell Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • 86-755-28392367

    Dongguan Yilink Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

    Lithium Battery,vacuum cleaner
  • 0086-755-83019227

    Shenzhen Siqi New Energy Company Limited

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