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Zhengda aviation releases new product F22 of plant protection machine


introduce:On December 2nd, Chia Tai Aviation held a press conference in Xinxiang, revealing the veil of its new plant protection machine F22, which is equipped with various industry-leading equipment with a payload of 22L and an operating efficiency of up to one ho

On December 2nd, Chia Tai Aviation held a press conference in Xinxiang, revealing the veil of its new plant protection machine F22, which is equipped with various industry-leading equipment with a payload of 22L and an operating efficiency of up to one hour 190 acres, the stand-alone price is only 19,999 yuan.

The launch of Zhengda Airlines F22 will undoubtedly bring another wave of shock to the plant protection market.

"As a leader in the development of military-civilian integration drones, we hope to contribute to the development of traditional agriculture. At the same time, we also have strong confidence to leap into the top three in the industry." Zhang Lei, chairman of Zhengda Aviation, said at the new product launch site In recent years, the rapid development of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things has driven the world's traditional industries to undergo drastic changes. Now that the competition in the plant protection machine industry is more intense, why is F22 released "just in time"?

Zhang Lei said, looking at the industry market, large and small drone companies are constantly pouring in, and they have been forced to withdraw from the market. At present, the quality of products in the market is uneven, and the market will need to focus more on high-end quality in the future. enterprise. "We have a strong financial strength, production capacity, sales capacity and other comprehensive strength support. The most important thing is that we have gathered a distinguished team, scientific and technological, young and global." He said in the market Under the multiple integration of demand, comprehensive strength, and enterprising team, it is time for F22 to appear.

"Our press conference is to redefine the" value "of plant protection drones, making it no longer high and prohibitive. We not only want to make quality products, but also set affordable prices to reshape plant protection. The human-machine market price system allows plant protection drones to enter millions of households and serve everyone. "

From the industrial design, the machine has the following characteristics:

Folding factor of whole machine 0.5

The outer shell of the F22 adopts the angular design principle of the German Tiger tank turret of World War II. It is equipped with a 6-axis carbon-aluminum composite arm, and the appearance of 2 meters is expanded to bring more rigid fuselage lines. It has the industry's first design feature of an oblique embrace. An ordinary pickup truck can pull two F22 drones at an oblique angle of 45 degrees. The folding of the left and right arms is just right.

Shaped symmetrical structure

F22 is designed with front-back symmetry and left-right symmetry. The two sides of the axis of symmetry of the integrated frame structure are designed with double handles, which has good ductility, which makes it easier to hold the hands when carrying the aircraft.

Unique three-layer structure

The design of the tripod adopts three material composite technology, while maintaining the original weight, it is 20% more flexible than the traditional carbon fiber tripod, and the rigidity of the tripod of the aluminum alloy is improved. 30%. Significantly improve the support strength and delet resistance coefficient of the tripod.

AK47 Magazine Design

The F22 uses a 45 degree by 135 degree curved geometric buckle design scheme. The design principle comes from the same principle as the AK47 rifle replacement magazine. The battery can be changed in a second by just going down.

"Energy-absorbing" frame structure

The F22 arms are folded using high-strength nylon material. In the event of a collision, the drone can absorb 90% of the energy generated during a collision, referred to as "energy absorption", which can maximize the protection of the aircraft's core components from damage.

Quick disassembly and quick repair

The F22 has an independent design and independent connection from the fuselage mechanism and common accessories. The advantage of this modular design lies in quick disassembly and quick repair. Other drones may need to remove 30 screws for the arm replacement. only 6 screws need to be disassembled, which saves time and efficiency.

45% increase in powertrain

The power system of the F22 uses a hydrodynamic polymer propeller and a high-performance simulated permanent magnet motor. It has a high IP67 protection, which can not only be washed with water but also with water bubbles to increase the service life of the motor.

Self-balancing water tank

Compared to the first generation of fixed water tanks, the second generation of plug-in water tanks, the split-type self-balanced water tanks assembled by F22. During the operation, the flying hand can have one medicine box in the left hand and one medicine box in the right hand, so that the human body is balanced. The dual medicine box design also makes it easier to apply medicine.

New spraying system

The spraying system is 45% higher than the previous generation. With a rated load of 22L, a large spray width of 8 meters, and a large flow rate of 8 liters per minute, it surpasses the market's plant protection drones by 20% in terms of load. For Xinjiang cotton leaf remover operations and southern fruit tree operations, the F22 can also be upgraded to 16 nozzles with a large spray width of 9 meters and a large flow of 10 liters per minute, allowing you to buy the drones you don't need to modify and add. Nozzle.

New generation DF-F military-grade flight control system

The DF-F military-grade flight control system is developed on the DF-4 fourth-generation flight control technology architecture. It has a built-in high-speed computing processor core and is composed of 8 ARM-A10 processors with a main frequency of 2.4GHz. It is also equipped with 4GB of running memory and 32GB of EMMC storage space, with powerful computing capabilities. In addition, the product is also equipped with an STM32F103 MCU as a coprocessor, which is used to achieve interaction with strong real-time devices and ensure the real-time performance of the entire system. It has efficient computing capabilities and secondary development capabilities to fully meet the stringent requirements of industry applications. In addition, DF-F flight control products provide rich interface support for management and control of airborne equipment.

ZD-RTK centimeter level positioning system

Zhengda Airlines has standard RTK in 2017. RTK has also increased anti-jamming capabilities, and added spare GPS + magnetic compass, triple backup to make flight safer and more assured.

Real-time monitoring system

Monitoring system FPV, distance: 3km, resolution: 720P, delay of 2 milliseconds, the delay is hardly felt by the naked eye, and the visual effect is smoother.

ZDR Highlight Smart Remote

With RTK marking function, it can realize centimeter-level high-accuracy accurate positioning planning operation. In cooperation with the APP, plant protection operation planning can be made more intelligent, bringing a new and extraordinary experience to users.

MO Pro radar system

Obstacle avoidance radar: distance of 20 meters, identification of obstacles> 1 cm in diameter, autonomous obstacle-free. Ground imitation radar: 30 meters imitation ground, imitation ground accuracy ± 5 cm.

QIC Intelligent Fast Charger

Support 3.5C super charge and 3 modes (cyclic fast charge, combined fast charge, intelligent fast charge) 6-channel parallel charging (6-channel 3600W multi-function fast fast charge, single battery fast charge only takes 15 minutes, respond to different situations, more Choices.)

ZD-0610 smart battery

600 cycles in the warranty, high temperature self-balancing system, 14 cores with high energy density, built-in silicon for heat dissipation, and charging on the ground.

Look at the package price, is it very attractive? !!

The F22 may be reminiscent of the American F-22 Raptor fighter, but according to the interpretation of Zhengda Aviation, the F in the F22 is the first letter of agricultural farming, and 22 represents its maximum load of 22KG. "According to the keyword F22, we are here to make a notice. The press conference at this time next year will be F35."

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