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Winning the "double half" and heading to the "summer" half


introduce: In the first half of 2024 All units of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China keep their eyes on the target With a high sense of responsibility and mission Complete the "double half" with high quality Lay a solid fo

In the first half of 2024
All units of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China keep their eyes on the target
With a high sense of responsibility and mission
Complete the "double half" with high quality
Lay a solid foundation for achieving the annual target
Aviation Industry Chengfei benchmarked and corrected the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important instructions and instructions and the specific requirements of the party's discipline construction, fully implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Group of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, shouldered the mission of strengthening the army with the broad mind of "the great cause of the country", anchored the improvement of the supply capacity of new domain and new quality combat effectiveness, insisted on innovation-driven, improved the level of modern governance, deepened the quality breakthrough, and firmly won the confidence and determination to win the decisive battle. We put pressure on ourselves, did not wait or rely on others, took the initiative, and carried forward the spirit of serving the country in the aviation industry in the new era, and exceeded the "2323" balanced production half-year target issued by the group company, achieved the phased victory of "double half", and laid a solid foundation for the high-quality completion of the annual scientific research and production tasks.
On June 27, AVIC Xi'an Aircraft successfully completed the scientific research and production tasks in the first half of the year, successfully achieved the "2323" balanced production stage target, and exceeded the factory test flight work. The experience of compressing the production cycle has been extended to civil aircraft. The AG600 has completed small batch production ahead of schedule. The production capacity of the C919 project has been steadily improved. The certification of the Xianzhou 60 fire extinguisher has been completed. The international subcontracting business has achieved the task node as scheduled. The tasks of military and civil aircraft are advancing in parallel. In the first half of the year, AVIC Xi'an Aircraft Corporation thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, solidly promoted the study and education of party discipline, fully undertook and implemented the deployment requirements of the Party Committee of China Aviation Industry Corporation, and firmly grasped the main tone of "high-quality development". All cadres and employees were full of fighting spirit and wisdom, showing strong innovation and business capabilities. At the same time, they focused on creating a "3-strengthening, 3-reducing, 3-improving" management model of production management, production cost, and production capacity around "new quality productivity", laying a solid foundation for the company's high-quality development.
The Aviation Industry Flight Test Center thoroughly implemented the important speeches and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, carried out high-quality party discipline study and education, resolutely benchmarked the requirements of the group company, made high-level plans and strong promotion, deployed high-point implementation, and worked hard to promote various tasks in keeping the right direction and innovating. In the first half of the year, the integrity rate of the test aircraft and the completion rate of the test flights increased steadily, and many task nodes were completed beyond expectations, striving to achieve "double half". In the second half of the year, the flight test center will continue to focus on the primary responsibility and main business, overcome difficulties, and move forward courageously, and steadily move towards the full completion of various annual task goals with "full power".
Aviation Industry Shenfei faces severe scientific research and production tasks, anchors the overall goal of scientific research and production tasks, makes precise plans, and makes scientific decisions, effectively enhancing the sense of urgency that cannot be waited, the sense of crisis that cannot be slow, the sense of responsibility that cannot be sat still, and the sense of honor that can be trusted. Organize all cadres and employees with the momentum of "planning is an order, and starting is a sprint", focus on the implementation of the plan, improve multiple guarantees, practice the working ideas of "stability" and "delivery", and resolutely do not wave hands in the face of tasks, do not shrink hands in the face of difficulties, and do not let go in the face of problems, and make every effort to promote the scientific research and production task plan to be realized as scheduled.
The Shenyang Institute of Aviation Industry has deeply accepted the major decisions of the Party Committee of China Aviation Industry Corporation and the deployment of the group company's work conference, adhered to the theme of "high-quality development" and the primary responsibility of "strengthening the army", and was not afraid of difficulties, withstood pressure, and strictly adhered to the nodes. The institute's model development, scientific and technological innovation, and digital transformation have been carried out in an orderly manner, achieving half of the time and half of the tasks. Strengthen the construction of the rapid response center, and do a good job in field services, training, overhaul and other work for the troops. Party organizations at all levels carry out the "combat and construction integration" project, lead the project development with organizational strength construction, and form the integration of professional fields, model fields and departmental organizations.
Aviation Industry Chengdu Institute resolutely implements the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and instructions, unswervingly speeds up the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" tasks, focuses on the primary responsibility and main business, and launches the "15th Five-Year Plan" demonstration; comprehensively coordinates the overall deployment and progress of scientific research tasks in various fields, pays close attention to the formulation, implementation and inspection of task plans, and closely focuses on the scientific research center to carry forward the cultural heritage of "mission, honor, courage, and struggle", and plans at a high level, promotes high quality, and implements high standards; speeds up the construction of a modern management system for weapons and equipment, optimizes scientific research processes, innovates guarantee mechanisms with the goal of improving combat effectiveness, strengthens supplier process monitoring and evaluation, and builds a strong data governance system based on models. All cadres and employees work together, take the initiative, anchor the goal and sprint with all their strength, with the determination and courage to overcome various risks and challenges, strive to win the battle of aviation scientific research, and achieve high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and high-quality development.
Aviation Industry Harbin Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. is fully promoting the 9 key tasks deployed at the group company's work conference to achieve the goal of "double half". Harbin Aircraft Industry Group closely follows the theme of "high-quality development", continuously consolidates management capabilities, and solidly promotes the optimization and upgrading of the management system; around the balanced production target, strengthens the refined management of plans, and coordinates and balances production resources; deepens the construction of lean processing units to promote continuous improvement of production efficiency; plays the leading role of the main engine, comprehensively controls risks, and promotes the collaboration of factories and supply chains; builds a production and manufacturing information highway, deeply applies digital control, and comprehensively controls the manufacturing process; improves the task assessment indicator performance system, implements the "integrated penetrating" assessment, and ensures the effective implementation of various task goals and plans.
All cadres and employees of Aviation Industry Changfei have thoroughly studied and implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection of Changfei, taking party building as the guide, task-oriented, quality as the core, and reform as the driving force, and all business areas of scientific research and production are working in the same direction. By creating a lean production system architecture of "1+3+5+N", designing lean production system evaluation indicators, and collaboratively developing a delivery management system; establishing an efficient innovation management model, adopting a project-driven IPT team work mechanism, and implementing project integrated management; continuously promoting technological innovation, optimizing production rhythm, highlighting key process control, and working hard to solidly promote the completion of annual production targets.
The Aviation Industry Helicopter Research Institute focuses on its primary responsibility, main business, and annual scientific research and production targets, carefully organizes and arranges, and strengthens process execution. The busy scenes of full enthusiasm can be seen everywhere in various scientific research battlefields. Faced with the difficulties of many rigid nodes and many tests and flights in scientific research and production tasks, the Helicopter Research Institute continues to strengthen top-level control, make overall planning, and comprehensively decompose all tasks throughout the year. Different promotion measures are refined for different tasks such as design, test flight, and supporting product development. The task execution department strictly promotes the model development work in accordance with the plan of each model project. At the same time, it continuously strengthens the allocation and use of human resources, does a good job in work planning and risk response, and completes the half-year work target tasks, achieving "half of the time and half of the tasks", laying a solid foundation for completing the annual target tasks.
All cadres and staff of the Aviation Industry Missile Institute took on the mission with practical work, demonstrated their responsibility with actions, anchored the work goals for the first half of the year, faced difficulties, and drew their swords with iron blood. With the working style of "four qualities and one respect" and "one no question, three questions", focusing on key tasks such as "innovation breakthrough, transformation and upgrading, opening up new frontiers, and lean efficiency", they worked hard at their posts, carried forward the spirit of "wolf team", fought hard and fought passionately, and promoted all work with compliance, quality and efficiency. Up to now, the scientific research, production and operation of the Missile Institute have fully completed the assessment goals of the group company in the first half of the year, and celebrated the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with actual results.
Aviation Industry Shaanxi Aircraft has successfully achieved the "double half" task goals of scientific research, production and operation with the practical performance of batch production and delivery of one aircraft. In the first half of the year, Shaanxi Aircraft precisely undertook and implemented the work order of China Aviation Industry Corporation to fully complete the task. With the annual key tasks as the driving force, it anchored the goals and made targeted efforts to efficiently promote the coordinated management of scientific research, production and planning, the application of production control center and integrated production platform, and took low-cost sustainable development, cost reduction and efficiency improvement throughout the process, comprehensive simulation operation, and precise material matching as the core to promote management improvement, enhance control efficiency, and successfully achieve the "double half" task goal.Synthetic Aperture Radar
All units of the aviation industry's aerospace production system focused on the annual scientific research trial production, batch production and maintenance tasks, fully coordinated various resources, carefully organized production scheduling, and improved production efficiency. At the same time, we must pay close attention to the quality of work and physical quality, and demand efficiency and cost from quality. Faced with challenges such as multiple models, urgent tasks, and tight nodes, the roar of machine tools on the production line did not stop. Party members and backbones went deep into the front line, took the lead in tackling tough problems, and responded quickly. The majority of front-line cadres and workers have firm confidence, gathered consensus, overcome difficulties, and pressed the fast-forward button of "high-quality development" with all their strength to achieve "double half".
Aviation Industry Liyuan held a special meeting around the "double more than half" target task, formed a "double more than half product delivery responsibility statement", identified key risk items affecting delivery item by item, completed the risk item processing and zeroing out within a time limit, determined guarantee measures and completion nodes, and increased personnel deployment efforts to improve the team's overall skill level and collaboration capabilities, and showed the spirit of "grabbing", the momentum of "breaking through", and the fighting spirit of "fighting", coordinated resources from all parties, promptly resolved various problems that occurred in the production process, raced against time to catch up with progress, focused on ensuring production, and worked hard to sprint into the second quarter to ensure that the target tasks were "double more than half".

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