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Why is the Popularity of Agricultural Drones so Difficult?


introduce:It is understood that the domestic agricultural drone enterprises have as many as 300, and recently, DJI and ehang, two famous companies also joined the ranks of agricultural drones. The explosion of the market confirmed the current boom in the field of a

It is understood that the domestic agricultural drone enterprises have as many as 300, and recently, DJI and ehang, two famous companies also joined the ranks of agricultural drones. The explosion of the market confirmed the current boom in the field of agricultural drones. What about the popularity of agricultural drones?

According to statistics, China's current agricultural plant protection is still based on traditional machinery, including manual and small electric sprayer, tractor hanging plant protection machine and so on. Among them, manual spraying machinery and backpack motor machinery accounted for 93.07% and 5.53% of the total amount of agricultural machinery respectively in China, and tractor hanging type agricultural machinery accounted for 0.57%. The number of agricultural aircraft in China is less, accounting for only 0.13% of the total number of agricultural aircraft in the world, and the area of cultivated land treated by agricultural aviation accounts for about 1.70% of the total cultivated land area. The market for agricultural drones is booming, but so is its popularity. Why on earth?

Firstly, the price of agricultural drones is high. Price is one of the key factors preventing most farmers from using agricultural drones. It is understood that the current market price of drones between 50,000 to 300,000. In order to improve the level of agricultural mechanization and the efficiency of agricultural production, the government can reduce the economic burden of farmers to a great extent by carrying out the policy of purchase subsidy of agricultural machinery. But only Henan and Fujian provinces currently have subsidies for drone purchases, while the rest are not yet in place. We hope that more companies will continue to enter the agricultural drones industry to promote the development of technology, thus reducing prices. At the same time, we hope that the subsidy policy of drones will be perfected, so that people can get rich in science.

Secondly, the operational efficiency of agricultural drones is difficult to improve. With different terrain, the efficiency of agricultural drones is different, and the difficulty of popularizing drone is also different. In the northern area, most of them are plain, which can be planted on a large scale, and the use of agricultural drones is efficient and easy to popularize. In southern China, the operational efficiency of agricultural drones is difficult to improve and is difficult to be popularized, so the popularity of drones is poor.

Thirdly, the technical standard of agricultural drones is not perfect. At present, the production technical standard and spraying technical standard of agricultural drones in China are in blank state, and a set of scientific and perfect discriminant standard has not been formed. As a result, the quality of agricultural drones sold on the market varies greatly, resulting in low popularity. At the General Aviation Development Summit on November 27, 2015, Ke Yubao, executive secretary of China's AOPA, revealed that drone production standards were under development and hoped that the standards would be introduced as soon as possible to regulate the drone industry market. Professional manipulator is also a major factor that hinders the popularization of agricultural drones. There are some technical difficulties in the operation and use of agricultural drones. It is difficult for farmers to operate and use the drones independently and accurately in the absence of corresponding training. In order to standardize the operation of light and small civilian drones, the Department of Flight Standards of the Civil Aviation Administration officially issued the Regulations on the Operation of Light and Small Drones (for trial implementation) on December 29. The requirements for the operation of agricultural drones are stipulated in the regulations. The introduction of this regulation is conducive to the future regulation of agricultural drone operators, which makes the market of agricultural drones develop healthily and orderly, and promotes the popularization.

Fourth, the market environment of agricultural drones is complex. The lack of technical standards reduces the threshold for enterprises to enter this field. Many enterprises are blindly entering, mature and reliable agricultural drones are few. Many manufacturers have ignored the special requirements of agricultural protection operations. Strong companies have also lost trust in their users.

Fifth, agricultural drone support services are not complete. Agricultural protection services include training, maintenance, insurance, leasing and so on has not yet formed a scale, so the lack of large-scale promotion efforts. For example, the use frequency of agricultural drones is much higher than that of drone products in general field, and the failure rate and rework rate will be increased accordingly. If not properly handled, agricultural drones may eventually become furnishings. But the drone industry is still in its infancy, and users can only rely on themselves or manufacturing enterprises to solve the problem. In addition, the lack of adequate airport support bases for the development of the agricultural aviation industry limits the development of agricultural aviation.

Sixth, the last is the buyer's personal factors. As an emerging product of agricultural protection machinery, agricultural drones are blindly purchased by buyers who lack the relevant knowledge. Buyers also do not know the knowledge of special chemicals, and they blindly mix chemicals, which lead to high pesticide residues and poor efficacy of insect control. All these affect the credibility of agricultural drones in the minds of buyers and potential customers.

Although the popularity of agricultural drones is low, there will be hundreds of billions yuan of market space in the field of agricultural protection in the future. We believe that agricultural drones can have greater development in the agricultural field of our country.

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