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UAV and flight control software system, etc. WQXJ2019-08-03


introduce:Project summaryUAV and flight control software system (WQXJ2019-08-03) inquiry announcement (second release)main contentFirst, the purchase list1. Plan number: 232213Name: UAV optical task podModel: Sony LICE-QX1 and mounting plateQuantity: 22. Plan numbe

Project summary

uav and flight control software system (WQXJ2019-08-03) inquiry announcement (second release)
main content

First, the purchase list

1. Plan number: 232213

Name: UAV optical task pod

Model: Sony LICE-QX1 and mounting plate

Quantity: 2

2. Plan number: 232210

Name: UAV optical task pod

Model: Sony RX0 and Stabilized PTZ

Quantity: 2

3. Plan number: 232211

Name: UAV map transmission accessories

Model: DDL-mini

quantity: 1

4. Plan number: 223606

Name: Multi-rotor UAV and Flight Control Software System

Model: Yunux-Long120 pro

quantity: 1

Second, the main content

Aircraft indicator

1.1 Performance Specifications

1) Multi-rotor model, full carbon fiber material design, detachable arm;

2) pure electric, one battery used in a single flight;

3) The weight of the empty machine (including the battery) is not more than 17 kg, the wheelbase is not more than 1.7 m, the propeller is not more than 30 inches, and the maximum mission load is not less than 8 kg;

4) The no-load life time is ≥ 110 minutes, the full-load flight time is ≥ 50 minutes, and the flight time is ≥ 60 minutes when the mission load is 5 kg. All of the above are low-altitude sea-level flights;

5) The no-load lifting limit is ≥ 4000 meters, and the maximum flat flying speed is ≥43km/h;

6) Wind resistance level ≥ five, rain resistance level ≥ light rain;

7) Working temperature: -10-50 ° C;

8) It has two control modes: remote control and ground control station. The remote control control distance is not less than 1 km (no obstruction, no interference), and the ground station control distance is not less than 8 km (no obstruction, no interference);

9) The aircraft can transmit flight data information to the ground station equipment in real time;

10) With low power protection function, the safety voltage can be preset, and it will automatically return and land when it is lower than the safety voltage;

11) With automatic return function: In the automatic flight mode, the control signal is lost, the aircraft continues to perform the mission, and after the mission is over, the aircraft automatically returns to the landing. In other modes, the control signal is lost and the aircraft will automatically return and land;

12) Support function: with one-button take-off, one-button landing, waypoint planning, automatic returning, fixed-point surround and other functions;

13) Control accuracy: the positioning accuracy of the aircraft's autonomous flight is ≤±2.5m, and the vertical positioning accuracy is ≤±1.5m.

1.2 Functional indicators

1) Support the ground station to control the drone to take photos during the execution of the mission, support two modes such as time interval and equidistant distance photography, and the photos are stored in the camera memory card;

2) Support photo point POS data (unmanned aircraft position, posture and other information) automatically stored;

3) The drone equipped with the picture transmission can transmit the image back to the image display window of the ground station in real time through the data link of the picture. In the unobstructed environment, the farthest transmission distance of the video image is ≥5 km;

4) Support route planning: a) support flight according to the input route point sequence; b) route point support online real-time correction, that is, the drone performs the waypoint flight, supports the waypoint re-upload, and the waypoint task update; c) Support the import of waypoint files (such as txt format), and provide conversion tools, so that the generated waypoint files can be manually imported into the ground station task list after being converted;

Ground station indicator


Detailed indicator

Ground station performance

Intel Core CPU; memory ≥ 8G; solid hard disk ≥ 128G; resolution ≥ 1920 * 1080; screen size ≥ 14 inches; windows operating system

Route planning

Support automatic navigation route design, just input aerial range, camera parameters and overlap rate parameters, can automatically generate aerial route

Map type

Support multiple maps (Google, Gold, etc.)

Battery life requirements

Battery continuous working time 2 hours

Operating temperature

-10-50 °C

1.3 system requirements

1) The standard configuration of the drone is 1 set of batteries, 1 set of manual remote control, 1 set of ground station system;

2) Highly integrated design, providing aluminum alloy aviation aluminum box to put a full set of equipment, can be placed in the SUV (can be placed in the rear seat);

2. Customized features

2.1 Secondary power supply design

The secondary power supply is designed and manufactured by the drone company. The power supply weight is no more than 950g. The power supply time of all equipment is not less than 70 minutes (the peak power consumption of all equipment is 150W (at startup), the normal working power consumption is 110W), and the size can meet the mission cabin. Placed in, power supply operating temperature requirements: -20 ~ 50 ° C, provided by the party side of the power supply interface of each device (providing the specified interface form of the connection line), voltage, current, power consumption and other information.

2.2 Mission Cabin Design

1) The mission cabin is made by the drone company and can be placed under the nacelle cabin. The weight of the mission cabin is not more than 1kg, which is protected from light rain and easy to disassemble.

2) All equipment modules need to be placed in the mission cabin. Except for the secondary power supply, each equipment module is provided by us. The drone company makes a reasonable layout, and the drone company needs to do the electromagnetic compatibility between the equipments in the mission cabin. And heat treatment, so that each device can work normally;

3) The drone company provides the connection cable between the power source and each device and each device, and optimizes the cable routing connection between the device modules;

4) The electromagnetic isolation/compatibility of the mission cabin and the drone equipment ensures the safe flight of the drone and the normal operation of each equipment.

2.3 Antenna layout and electromagnetic compatibility

The task cabin load has 8 antennas. The antenna layout is rationally designed by the drone company to realize the integrated design and installation of the antenna and the body. At the same time, the electromagnetic compatibility between the antenna and the drone platform is considered to ensure the antenna receiving effect and the drone safety. Flight and equipment work properly.

2.4 Photoelectric pod

We provide opto-electric pods, which are provided by drone companies. The photoelectric pod is directly punched under the task compartment, taking care to avoid obstruction with the antenna.

3. Flight Control Software System

3.1 Data Transfer Function

Since there is only one flight control serial port, the original digital transmission link of the drone needs to be connected to the flight control through the onboard computer interface. The drone company is responsible for realizing the transmission control link of the original data, and realizes the control of the flight control of the drone through the on-board computer transmission.

3.2 Interface package (including serial port transceiver)

Open the underlying flight control protocol, and the flight control protocol needs to be packaged in the top level, provided in the form of a dynamic link library, can run on the onboard computer (Linux system) (we provide the system version and development environment version), and the function can be exported. The drone company is responsible for the development of the onboard computer interface, and the communication and debugging of the onboard computer and the flight control computer are realized by the drone company. The top-level flight control feature package includes the following features:

(1) State control

1) UAV status query function: query UAV GPS time, position coordinates, attitude, speed, abnormal status, etc.

2) Initialization function, including two parts: 1) Initialization status reporting callback function. The flight control actively reports the aircraft state at specified time intervals; 2) the abnormal state processing callback function.

(2) Control instructions

1) Control authority switching function to realize the control permission switching of the original ground station of the onboard computer and the drone system

2) Set Home Point

3) Set the return low voltage

4) Takeoff rises to the desired height hover

5) Upload route information of drone flight (including waypoint, speed, dwell time)

6) The drone stays at the current position and still retains the previous task

7) The task before the drone resumes execution, and 6) echoes

8) Circling around the specified point at a specified radius and speed

9) Stop hovering

10) Rotate a certain angle

11) Flying forward in a certain direction with the head facing forward

12) Speed ​​control during the flight of the drone along the route

13) End the current task and return to the base

14) End the current mission, the current point directly landed

4. Other requirements

1) Provide lifetime maintenance of products and 1 year of free maintenance (electronic components, and non-human damage)

2) Service response time requirement: response within 48 hours of working day

3) Training. Provide professional training for two people for no less than two days

4) Provide one year of fuselage insurance and third party liability insurance

5) The bidder must be the original manufacturer of the drone (subject to the manufacturer's declaration letter), and cannot be an OEM or original manufacturer;

6) Bidding requirements: On-site demonstration of the drone's physical presentation and video (the drone needs to be mounted with a 5kg simulation mission load module for flight demonstration, flight time is not less than 60min);

7) The delivery is completed within 3 months after the contract is signed. (Aircraft and mission cabins can be delivered separately)

Third, the applicant qualifications:

1) Ability to independently assume civil liability;

2) Have a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system;

3) Have the equipment and professional capabilities necessary to perform the contract;

4) Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;

5) Other conditions stipulated by law and administrative law.

Fourth, the content and requirements of the prequalification application documents:

(1) Announcement printed page;

(2) Original letter of introduction letter or legal representative; (original or designated sole agent)

(3) A copy of the identity card of the purchaser or authorized person is stamped with the official seal;

(4) A copy of the business license is stamped with the official seal;

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