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Tianjin Helicopter Expo, they reached these cooperation


introduce: At the 6th China Tianjin International Helicopter Expo, which opened on September 14, many companies, units and government departments signed contracts and reached many cooperation agreements. These cooperations involve the research and develop

At the 6th China Tianjin International Helicopter Expo, which opened on September 14, many companies, units and government departments signed contracts and reached many cooperation agreements.
These cooperations involve the research and development and production of civil helicopters, market-oriented operations of civil aircraft, aviation maintenance, financial leasing and other fields. They are of great significance to strengthening my country's civil helicopter research and development capabilities, improving my country's aviation maintenance support capabilities, and improving the aviation industry chain.
Aviation Industry Harbin Aircraft Industry and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee signed the "framework Agreement to Jointly Build an Aviation Industry Civil Helicopter Industrial base" and the "framework Agreement to Build the Harbin Aircraft Tianjin Civil Helicopter R&D Center."
The agreement is mainly based on close cooperation between the two parties and supports Hafei's establishment of a Tianjin R&D center project in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone in accordance with its own development strategy to build an integrated platform for R&D, design and test verification of civil helicopters in the aviation industry.
The Aviation Industry Helicopter Institute and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee signed the "Cooperation framework Agreement on Promoting the Innovative Development of Helicopters."
According to the agreement, the two parties will focus on carrying out various forms of cooperation around the innovation chain, industrial chain, value chain and talent chain, strengthen the collaborative innovation of the Helicopter Research Institute and universities and scientific research institutes in Tianjin, and accelerate the promotion of new configurations, new energy, etc. Research on key rotorcraft technologies and incubation of results, work together to build an innovation ecosystem for the coordinated development of "government, industry, academia, research and application" and an industrial ecosystem that is integrated, chain-based and collaborative, jointly create a source of cutting-edge helicopter technologies and original technologies, and jointly promote Tianjin Port High-quality development of bonded areas and helicopter stations.
Aviation Industry Harbin Aircraft Corporation, Changfei and Aviation Industry Leasing signed a cooperation agreement on the development of domestic civil aircraft operating leasing business.
The three parties will cooperate to establish an operating leasing company to carry out financial leasing, operating leasing and other businesses, provide financial support for the operation of general aviation enterprises, and provide new solutions for the market-oriented operation of domestic civil aircraft.
Harbin Aviation Industry Corporation of China and Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.
The two parties will take this signing as an opportunity to seize the national strategy, strengthen cooperation in the development of the general aviation industry in Henan Province, promote the aviation industry to deepen the development of Henan, and promote the development of Henan's general aviation industry to a new level.
Hangda Xiongying Company and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee signed a cooperation framework agreement on the Hangda Xiongying Mi-171 helicopter overhaul project.
According to the agreement, the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone will support Tianjin Hangda Xiongying Aviation Engineering Co., Ltd. to carry out centralized airframe overhaul and parts and accessories maintenance business, and establish an equipment research and development center to develop Mi-171 helicopter overhaul projects and airborne product research and development projects such as horizons. .
The Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee, the Tianjin Dongjiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Management Committee and Tianjin Binhai International Airport Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to establish a strategic cooperation project for the aviation industry's full life cycle development community.
The three parties plan to give full play to and integrate their respective advantages in industries and industries, establish a joint meeting system for strategic cooperation, and coordinate with joint inspection units to create a business environment with shared customs affairs, interoperable policies, and mutual recognition of functions, and carry out all-round development in the aviation and supporting industries. Strategic cooperation to accelerate the introduction of more advanced resources and high-quality projects to serve the economic development of Tianjin and even northern China.
Airbus Helicopters and Wanjiang Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. signed a letter of intent on cooperation in helicopter financial leasing.
According to the agreement of intent, both parties will provide one-stop, customized helicopter products and financing solutions to China's general aviation corporate customers, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, based on their respective advantages. In terms of asset management, the two parties will strengthen resource sharing and information exchange, and promote the ecological construction of helicopter consumption and applications.anti drone laser system
Bell Textron Company, a subsidiary of the Textron Group, announced that Shaanxi Helicopter Co., Ltd. was authorized to open a Bell 407 Authorized Maintenance Center (AMC) in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province; at the same time, Bell Textron Company also announced that it will provide direct maintenance services to Shaanxi Helicopter Co., Ltd. in the near future. The company delivered a Bell 429 light twin-engine helicopter. After delivery, the aircraft will become the fifth twin-engine model in the fleet of Shaanxi Direct Co., Ltd.
Currently, Shaanxi Direct Co., Ltd. owns the largest Bell 407 helicopter fleet in the country, as well as three Bell 412EPI medium twin-engine helicopters and one Bell 429 light twin-engine helicopter. In the field of Helicopter Emergency Medical Rescue (HEMS), Bell and Shaanxi Direct Co., Ltd. have jointly built an efficient and sustainable helicopter service system, and have carried out regular demonstration operations in Shenmu City, Shaanxi Province and other places.
Haite Group and Safran Helicopter Engine Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the overhaul of the Arriel 2C engine.
The two parties will provide strong guarantee and stable and excellent services for this type of engine used in the Chinese market, help customers improve the safety and stability of helicopter operations, and provide customers with better technical services and product quality.
Sichuan Haite High-tech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Haite Group, signed an investment cooperation agreement with the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee for the construction of the Tianjin Haite Phase III A321 passenger-to-cargo project.
Tianjin Fei'an Company, a subsidiary of Haite Group, signed the "Helicopter Distress Escape Training Service Agreement" and the "135 Simulator Training Cooperation Agreement" with CNOOC Safety Technology Services Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Silk Wing Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. respectively.
According to the agreement, the Airbus A321 passenger-to-cargo conversion project is expected to be put into production in the second half of 2025.
Shaanxi Direct Co., Ltd. held signing ceremonies with four units including China Southern General Aviation, "Civil Aviation Today" magazine, Wanjiang Financial Leasing and BOOST, focusing on four aspects: maintenance services and aviation material guarantee, brand promotion, business support services and professional equipment improvement.
In terms of maintenance services, Shaanxi Direct Co., Ltd. and China Southern General Aviation have reached a strategic cooperation agreement for mutual aid in aviation materials. They will achieve all-round interaction in aviation material sharing and mutual service assistance, and improve after-sales protection for Bell series helicopter users; in terms of brand promotion, Shaanxi Direct Co., Ltd. Cooperate with the "Civil Aviation Today" magazine under China Civil Aviation News to jointly carry out brand promotion cooperation between Shaanxi Direct and Bell Helicopter; in terms of business services, Shaanxi Direct and Wanjiang Financial Leasing Company jointly discuss cooperation on end customer financing solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers to meet the financial needs of the industry; in terms of professional equipment, Shaanxi Direct Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Longtang Company, the general agent of BOOST in China, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Bell 407 professional airborne operation equipment services.
Beijing Andaville Technology Co., Ltd. and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Management Committee signed an agreement on the Andaville Tianjin Aviation Equipment R&D and Production base Project and the Aviation Industry Full Life Cycle Development Community Strategic Cooperation Project Agreement.
According to the agreement, Andaville will invest 500 million yuan in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone to build the Andaville Tianjin aviation equipment R&D and production base to carry out the research, development, production, and sales of the civil aviation division and the intelligent division.

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