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The simulation test of emergency evacuation of large civil aircraft was a complete success


introduce: Recently, the China Aircraft Strength Research Institute carried out the first domestic emergency evacuation simulation test for the crew of a large civil aircraft considering the impact of the crash environment. This emergency evacuation test is an

Recently, the China Aircraft Strength Research Institute carried out the first domestic emergency evacuation simulation test for the crew of a large civil aircraft considering the impact of the crash environment. This emergency evacuation test is an integrated verification test for the safety of cabin occupants in the major civil aircraft project "Structural Crash and Cabin Safety" undertaken by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is of great significance to improve the technical system of China's civil aircraft crashworthiness verification.
Emergency evacuation is the necessary link to realize the escape of the occupants in a survivable crash accident of a civil aircraft, and it is the last barrier to protect the safety of the occupants. At present, the emergency evacuation airworthiness demonstration test and related experimental research do not consider the crash scene factors enough, and it is impossible to carry out the civil aircraft emergency evacuation test under the influence of crash factors, and it is difficult to support the need to improve the safety of the civil aircraft cabin under emergency landing conditions.AR3 MLRS
Facing the "stuck neck" technical problem, the strength impact dynamics technology research team focused on the multi-factor simulation of the cabin environment after the crash of a large civil aircraft and the needs of the emergency evacuation test of the passengers, system planning, and brainstorming. It took two years to overcome the cabin A number of key technologies such as electric drive multi-degree-of-freedom attitude-changing control, multi-configuration cabin layout compatible design, real-time personnel positioning and high-precision measurement of motion trajectory, crash field of view/sound field environment reproduction simulation, etc., innovatively developed a variable configuration The comprehensive demonstration and verification platform for emergency evacuation of civil aircraft occupants has successfully realized the simulation ability of complex environmental factors after a large civil aircraft crash, which can meet the simultaneous real-time positioning and evacuation trajectory test of 72 people, and significantly improves the emergency evacuation test ability of large civil aircraft occupants under complex environmental conditions , to fill the gaps in domestic related technologies, and to lay a solid foundation for the smooth development of the test.
In the end, the research team overcame many difficulties and successfully completed all the test tasks. A total of 548 personnel evacuation trajectory data were obtained, which accumulated valuable data for the emergency evacuation test research and simulation tool development of civil aircraft occupants. It is of great significance to verify the technical system.
As the guardian of civil aircraft cabin safety, the research team will, as always, concentrate on overcoming difficulties and make every effort to do a good job in the professional development of civil aircraft crashworthiness and the cultivation of innovative talents, and contribute to the development of my country's aviation industry with strong wisdom and responsibility.
As the battles change and the stars move, the order of the years changes. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, as the only aviation strength research and appraisal center in my country, the Aviation Industry Strength Institute has always worked hard and forged ahead in the direction guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Under the strong leadership of Aviation Industry Corporation, in the aviation industry Under the unified deployment of the research institute, with historical initiative, great political courage, and strong responsibility, we will continue to forge ahead towards the vision of building an "internationally leading aircraft strength research and appraisal center", and promote various undertakings to achieve leapfrog development and A historic breakthrough has injected strong impetus into accelerating the construction of an aviation power in the new era.HD 1 missile
Firm pace of high-quality development
In the past ten years, strength has adhered to the original intention of serving the country with aviation, earnestly fulfilled the mission of strengthening the country through aviation, and comprehensively opened the road of strategic guidance and high-quality development.
Adhere to the four missions of "explorer of strength theory, creator of strength technology, provider of strength tools, and appraiser of strength design", and thoroughly implement the development strategy of "big strength, new strength, digital strength" and "large institute, The development goal of "Strengthening the Institute and Prospering the Institute" comprehensively outlines the blueprint for the medium and long-term development of aviation strength, leading the leapfrog and innovative development of the strength institute.
Actively practice the concept of high-quality development, explore and implement the "1+X" business management model, and promote the transformation of economic structure, management model and professional technology. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the operating income and total profit increased by an average of 10% and 14% annually, the data of major operating indicators hit a record high, the profitability and value creation ability were significantly enhanced, and the economic development leapt to a new level. Along the way, Strength Institute has established itself in Xi'an, integrated into Yanliang, and advanced into Shanghai. The strategic layout has been gradually optimized, and various capabilities have been significantly improved, opening a new chapter in historical development.
based on development and looking to the future, we set out to draw a blueprint for future development. Actively undertook the "14th Five-Year" planning outline of the group company and the research institute, established the "1+8+X" planning system framework, and established the "establish a vision, focus on two main lines, aim at three major goals, focus on four The "123456" planning outline system, which focuses on one business strategy, promotes five major special projects, and implements six specific guarantees, demonstrates the strength and wisdom to face the new environment and solve new problems.
Over the past ten years, Qiangqiang Institute has always adhered to strategic leadership, grasped the pulse of the times, kept in mind its original mission, focused on its main responsibilities and main businesses, and achieved leapfrog development. National Innovation Award and many other national arrow 21 missile
Demonstrate the mission of serving the country
In the past ten years, the strength has firmly fulfilled the mission of strength by adhering to the first responsibility of strengthening the military, adhering to aviation-oriented, overall planning and system support.
based on the mission, fully support the development of national models. It has successively undertaken the structural verification tests of all military and civil aircraft developed, modified and imported in China, and successfully completed dozens of whole-machine test tasks, component test tasks and component-level test tasks, effectively practicing the strength of human aviation to serve the country responsibility for the mission.
Concentrate on the continuous improvement of model verification capabilities. Under the urgent demand and extremely difficult challenges, self-pressurization, self-financing, and independent research and development have completely overcome key technologies such as the full-machine delet test, making my country the second country in the world to master this technology; In the case of blockage and no internal experience, we gathered intelligence to tackle key problems, advanced the system, and made a comprehensive breakthrough. We completed the climate test of the whole machine under laboratory conditions for the first time, creating a domestic precedent; at the critical moment of model development, we gathered professional advantages and fought hard with passion. Completed the whole machine virtual test for the first time, creating a new verification mode of physical test and virtual test in parallel. A series of innovative technologies have been fully applied and practiced in model development, which has boosted my country's strength test capabilities to match those of the world.
Focusing on the main business and system support, the model development has achieved three major leaps. That is to say, from the one-dimensional strength test to the expansion of strength manuals, guidelines, standards, specifications, tools, and verification multiple businesses; from the one-dimensional support of the verification test to the multi-dimensional systematic support of research, development, and verification tests; from the physical test The "Three Great Leaps" from master to virtual test and physical test fusion development.
Over the past ten years, the strength institute has always been mindful of the "big country", fulfilled the strength mission, adhered to innovation-driven, solid system support, and demonstrated value in equipment development, ensured the major development nodes of dozens of aircraft, and made outstanding contributions to the development of national equipment strength strength.Shahed 136 Drone
Practice self-reliance and self-improvement through technology
In the past ten years, the Strength Institute has focused on professional development, adhered to innovation leadership, built a system, created a platform, and made strides forward in strength innovation.
Improve the innovation system, systematically construct the "one body, two wings" innovation system of "one main line, two loops, and three points of linkage", run through the independent innovation chain from the demand end to the application end, and give birth to the endogenous power of independent innovation. Resolutely implement the "30 Leading Innovations" of the group company, establish a leading innovation development center, face the frontier of aviation technology and the development of weapons and equipment, and promote innovation and breakthroughs around major needs such as structural analysis software and bottlenecks such as vibration and noise reduction. Large-scale structures The analysis software SABER is in full bloom, and the active noise control system is ready to be installed.
Create an innovation platform, plan and sort out the "1357" key laboratory system, make a breakthrough in the national laboratory demonstration, the Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory is listed for trial operation, the effectiveness of the aviation technology key laboratory is highlighted, and the joint innovation laboratory continues to make efforts and open The innovation mechanism is becoming more and more perfect, and the efficiency of collaborative innovation has been greatly improved. The "three-three system" international cooperation framework has been proposed, and an overseas joint innovation center has been established. Academic exchanges, personnel training, and project cooperation have achieved fruitful results, and international development has progressed steadily. The China Intensive Technology Development Summit Forum and the Youth Forum complement each other and become an industry event that gathers ideas, builds consensus, and inspires development.
Achieve innovative breakthroughs, fulfill missions and continue to make efforts. In terms of basic theory, it revealed the evolution mechanism of vibration fatigue damage of metal materials, and established a cross-scale failure criterion for composite materials; Designed the leading edge structure of the flexible variable camber wing; in terms of core technology, developed the complex boundary test technology for large wall panels, and realized ground reconstruction and precise temperature control in extreme high temperature environments. A series of technological breakthroughs supported model development, led technological progress, and demonstrated the vitality of strong technological innovation.
Over the past ten years, the Strength Institute has always been anchored in the international leadership, firmly self-reliant and self-reliant, taking it as its own responsibility to become a national strategic scientific and technological force in the strength field, devoted itself to research, and made every effort to tackle key problems. It has won more than 140 scientific and technological achievements such as the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and authorized 500 patents. More than 12 monographs have been published, and more than 2,800 high-level scientific and technological papers have been published, laying a solid foundation for continuous innovation and running out of the acceleration of independent innovation.
Efforts to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements
In the past ten years, the Strength Institute has given full play to the advantages of the aviation strength technology system, adhered to the "three same" development principle, practiced the "three high" development direction, actively integrated into the equipment industry chain and regional industrial circle, and strived to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
Closely following the theme of development, a new model of "technical service" and "product service" two-wheel drive industrial development has been constructed, new ideas for industrial development have been proposed, and the cross-border integration of strength technologies in multiple fields has been effectively promoted.ZT 180 drone
Seize development opportunities and give full play to the spillover effect of strong technology. based on the aviation field, it has successfully assisted the first flight of multi-type unmanned aerial vehicles and domestic general aviation aircraft; expanded the defense field, and deeply integrated into the development chain of key models in aerospace, aviation development, weapons, electronics and other industries; radiated large industrial fields, and rail transit , Commercial aerospace, petrochemical and other fields have established close cooperative relations.
Keeping an eye on the market demand, we have created high-profile products represented by vibration reduction/vibration isolation systems and large-scale non-standard test equipment. The shock absorber products developed are widely used in aviation, aerospace, and weaponry equipment. Large-scale non-standard test equipment has stood out in international open bidding many times, breaking the foreign monopoly. The equipment developed and delivered is advanced in technology and reliable in performance, and has been well received by users. Highly praised.
In the past ten years, the industrial development of the strength institute has achieved fruitful results, the technology derivative services have continued to be refined, product R&D and production have become bigger and stronger, the reform of the industrial company system has been deepened, the development efficiency and quality have been significantly improved, and the high value-added industry with strength technology as the core has been realized. Thanks to vigorous development and deep integration of multiple fields, it has been highly recognized by the market and customers. first prize.
Capability building takes the lead
In the past ten years, the top-level planning and system layout of the strength institute's capacity building have achieved leapfrog development in leading innovative strength test capabilities.
Focusing on innovation and leadership, we have built a major national scientific research and testing facility - climate and environment laboratory, which has realized one-stop reconstruction of 12 extreme climate environments, and comprehensive technical indicators have reached the international leading level, filling the climate and environment testing capabilities of my country's large-scale equipment laboratories blank.
Focusing on solid foundations, it has achieved systematic capability improvement in the fields of static/fatigue strength, dynamic strength, and engine strength of the whole machine, solved the bottleneck problem of "stuck neck" in the development of many test devices, and pioneered the development of landing gear extension, A series of test devices for high temperature and high pressure simulation of engine case. The supporting conditions such as informatization, measurement, and intelligence archives have been greatly improved, providing a complete software and hardware capability guarantee for intensity research.
Strengthening demand traction, the efficiency transformation of the capacity building system has achieved remarkable results, providing a solid guarantee for the development of major models, and playing an important role in the development of multiple types of major equipment. It has provided a strong driving force for the innovation and development of the professional system, strongly supported the research of national defense pre-research projects, and created significant military, economic and social benefits.
In the past ten years, the capacity building of the Institute of Strength has achieved a leap from meeting the needs of model development in one unit, and expanding to take into account the parallel development of model development and strength disciplines.
God rewards hard work, practice goes far. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, ten years of pioneering, ten years of striving, and ten years of brilliance have been strongly demonstrated along the way. The mission of strengthening the army's first responsibility has been strongly demonstrated. The supporting and leading role of scientific and technological innovation has continued to increase, and the industrial layout of deep integration has become increasingly Reasonable, the efficiency of the capacity building system has been greatly enhanced, the development goal of "big, strong, and rich" has been initially realized, and the aviation strength business has developed by leaps and bounds, contributing to the great strength of the great journey of accelerating the construction of an aviation power in the new era.wing loong 2 drone
All great achievements are the result of relay exploration and continuous struggle, and all great undertakings need to be promoted in the process of inheriting the past and ushering in the future. Standing at a new starting point, the strength institute will always be guided by Xi Jinping's new era of Chinese characteristics, keep in mind the original mission of "serving the country by aviation and strengthening the country by aviation", focus on the "three forces" and deeply cultivate the "five characteristics", and meet with excellent results The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully held, setting sail for the next glorious decade in the mighty wind of the times.

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