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The blue sky is the evidence and the "Iron Wing" is the matchmaker. The romance of the hel


introduce: The fragrant grass and velvet flowers are like brocade, and the newlyweds are in pairs. On the morning of September 15th, the collective wedding "The red thread determines the destiny, the destiny determines the 'wing' life" was

The fragrant grass and velvet flowers are like brocade, and the newlyweds are in pairs. On the morning of September 15th, the collective wedding "The red thread determines the destiny, the destiny determines the 'wing' life" was held grandly in Tianjin Airport East Lake Park. 72 couples from the Helicopter "Red Wings" Party Building Alliance entered the marriage hall hand in hand under the witness and blessings of relatives, leaders, and colleagues. "
This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China's aviation industry, and is also the year of the sixth China Tianjin International Helicopter Expo. Most of the 72 couples come from military industrial enterprises in the Tianjin Binhai New Area Free Trade Zone and are engaged in scientific research and technology work, riding the wave on all fronts of the national defense industry. Pursuing dreams and blooming youth has effectively supported the new development of national defense. More than 400 people, including the main leaders and guests of member units of the Helicopter "Red Wings" Party Building Alliance, as well as relatives and colleagues of the couple, witnessed this romantic collective wedding.
Helicopter "Red Wings" Party Building Alliance and the Free Trade Zone "Red Navigation Concentrated Construction" Party Building (Talent) Alliance aimed at the reality of the youth group, closely followed the needs of young people for marriage and love, and used party building to lead team building. They jointly planned and hosted this collective wedding, aiming to create A romantic wedding ceremony that combines a powerful weapon with a romantic wedding, vigorously promotes the spirit of serving the country through aviation, and further enhances the young employees' sense of belonging, pride and happiness in the national defense and military industry.raytheon anti drone laser
This wedding activity is mainly divided into two parts: taking helicopter-themed wedding photos and holding a collective wedding ceremony. On the eve of the 6th China Direct Expo, 72 couples had close interactions with helicopters in advance and took helicopter-themed wedding photos. The combination of the elegant and romantic wedding dress and the majestic helicopter is unique. Most of the newlyweds are engaged in helicopter-related industries, and this special wedding photo has special meaning for them. "I am engaged in helicopter research and development, and being able to take a set of helicopter-themed wedding photos has always been my wish and a testament to my work. This wish has finally come true, and I am very happy." The couple said excitedly.
At the collective wedding ceremony site, love, family affection, friendship and celebration blend together, making it fashionable, romantic, elegant and unforgettable. The newlyweds dressed in costumes left their names on the sign-in board and recorded their happy and sweet moments in front of the photo-check-in wall. In the sacred music of "Wedding March", 72 newlyweds walked into the stage of happiness one after another with deep affection. Witnessed by guests, relatives and spectators, the groom knelt down on one knee and presented a bouquet of love to the bride, and made a vow to grow old together.
Huang Wenjun, chairman of the Helicopter "Red Wings" Party Building Alliance and secretary of the Party Committee of the Aviation Industry Helicopter Research Institute, witnessed the wedding of the couple. He said that the most beautiful love is two-way, and the best marriage is like-minded. He hoped that they would be determined to serve the country, bravely shoulder the responsibility of the times, and work together to let the flame of love fuel the great cause of serving the country and strengthening the country. Huang Wenjun also hopes that the new people can run their families well, support the elderly and raise their children, and weave their lives into warm poetry and distance.
Retired Chief Engineer of the Helicopter Institute Li Linhua and his wife also came to the scene to send blessings to the newlyweds. Li Linhua affectionately reviewed 30 years of love and marriage, and taught the management of married life. He hoped that the newlyweds would support each other, achieve each other, and use Family, friendship and love build a happy family together.
Pan Tao from the Aviation Industry Helicopter Institute and He Ashin from the China Electronics Technology Institute 53 took the stage to speak as representatives of the newcomers. They thanked the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone for their strong support, the Helicopter "Red Wings" Party Building Alliance and the Helicopter Institute for setting up a collective wedding stage for the newlyweds. , made them feel the warmth and happiness, and solemnly promised to honor their parents and repay the kindness of raising them, hold hands with each other, be diligent military workers, and contribute to the military industry of the motherland.anti drone laser system
At the wedding ceremony, the leaders presented the newlyweds with wedding souvenirs of Zhi-20 Chinese-style flowery silk scarves. They wished the newlyweds would remember their vows of love for each other, get to know each other, and work together hand in hand. They also hoped that they would turn their love into a boost. The strong driving force for the high-quality development of the national helicopter industry contributes youth and strength to create a new situation in the development of China's aviation industry.
At the end of the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds collectively released their paper airplanes and distributed wedding candies, conveying their happiness to the audience.
Marriage is the result of love and the beginning of a new life. With a common wish, fall in love in the happy tide of love, use eternal love to create countless beautiful tomorrows, create, contribute, youth and strength.

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