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The aviation industry party group held the first reading class of theme education with high standard


introduce: From May 11th to 13th, according to the general requirements of thematic education and the specific arrangement of the aviation industry theme education plan, under the guidance of the 42nd Steering Group of the Central Theme Education, the Aviation

From May 11th to 13th, according to the general requirements of thematic education and the specific arrangement of the aviation industry theme education plan, under the guidance of the 42nd Steering Group of the Central Theme Education, the Aviation Industry Party Group Theoretical Learning Center Group held the first reading class of the theme education . This reading class adopts a combination of concentrated research and independent learning, expert lectures and seminars and exchanges, insists on reading the original works, learning the original texts, and understanding the principles, and comprehensively and systematically learns and understands the basic viewpoints, scientific systems and principles of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Profound connotation, high standards and high quality promote the deepening and solidity of theme education.
Fang Dequan, deputy head of the 42nd Steering Group of the Central Theme Education, and relevant members came to give guidance. Hao Zhaoping, deputy secretary of the party group and general manager of the aviation industry, presided over the reading class. Members of the party group, senior executives at the general assistant level, secretary of the Youth League Committee, comrades in charge of various departments at the headquarters, and directors of the inspection office participated in the study and seminar.
▲ Fang Dequan, deputy head of the 42nd Steering Group of the Central Theme Education, and relevant members came to guideHJ 12 Anti Tank Missile
During the reading class, the leaders of the party group of the group took the lead in leading the study, and the participants studied the bibliographies such as "Excerpts from Special Topics on Xi Jinping's Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era" and "Selected Readings of Xi Jinping's Works". Through study, we have further strengthened the ideological consciousness and action consciousness of loyally supporting the "two establishments" and resolutely achieving the "two maintenances", and further enhanced the political, ideological, theoretical, and emotional recognition of the party's innovative theory , It has laid a solid theoretical foundation for achieving practical results in the aspects of building the soul with learning, increasing wisdom with learning, correcting the style with learning, and promoting action with learning.
▲Hao Zhaoping hosted the reading class
On the afternoon of the 12th, Xin Xiangyang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the Institute of Marxism, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave a special tutorial on "A Deep Understanding of the World Outlook and Methodology of Xi Jinping's Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era".
▲Xin Xiangyang gave special counseling
On May 13, the participants adhered to the problem-oriented and systematic concept, benchmarked against the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of instructions and important replies, and focused on the high-quality aviation industry with self-study and concentrated learning. The pain points, difficulties, and blocking points in the development, conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges around the theme education in a down-to-earth manner, gathering strength to fulfill the first responsibility of building a strong army, and taking responsibility as a solution to reform and development problems. Measures, promote implementation, and effectively achieve the integration of learning, thinking and application, and the unity of knowledge, faith and action.
Everyone agreed that the great transformation of the new era in the past ten years lies in the fact that Comrade Xi Jinping is the core of the Party Central Committee and the core of the whole party at the helm and guides the leadership, and lies in the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. This theme education is an inevitable requirement for the whole party to unify thinking, will, and act in the face of the intricate international situation, arduous and arduous tasks of reform, development and stability, and various uncertain and unpredictable risks and challenges in the new journey of the new era. It is related to the overall strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.sounding rocket
Everyone unanimously stated that they will resolutely follow the general requirements of thematic education, anchor the fundamental tasks, keep a close eye on specific goals, work hard on learning and understanding, work hard on tempering character, work hard on practical responsibility, and work hard on performing duties. The great power of thought is transformed into the centripetal force of firm party spirit, internalized into the leading force of theoretical literacy, embodied into the combat effectiveness of outstanding skills and talents, externalized into high-quality and practical execution force, and hatched into pioneering and enterprising innovation that keeps pace with the times force. On the new journey in the new era, all party members and cadres of the group company will loyally support the "two establishments" and resolutely achieve the "two maintenances", comprehensively grasp and apply the system concept, and continuously improve strategic thinking, historical thinking, dialectical thinking, systematic thinking, and innovation. Thinking, legal thinking, and bottom-line thinking ability, strive to create new achievements and achievements that can stand the test of history and the people, and make new and greater contributions to building a world-class enterprise and a powerful aviation country in the new era.
▲Li Qingtang made a speech
Entrusted by Comrade Hao Zhaoping, Li Qingtang, deputy secretary of the party group of the aviation industry, put forward requirements for further carrying out thematic education. Party committees at all levels must firmly grasp the general requirements of "learning ideas, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and making new achievements", firmly shoulder the main responsibility, and integrate thematic education with the major decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the nine key tasks of the group company, and the central work of the unit Combined, grasping with both hands, making mistakes, and promoting both; we must firmly anchor the five specific goals, so that there are measures for each item, everything is tracked, and each item is implemented, so as to ensure that the fundamental tasks and various goals are effectively achieved as scheduled; Do a good job in publicity and guidance, publicize more significance, goals and tasks, progress and results, and positive models to create a positive, positive, three-dimensional, and strong atmosphere.

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