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The 3rd International Aviation Engine Forum opens


introduce: On August 31, the 3rd International Aero-Engine Forum, co-sponsored by the Department of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Aviation Development Science and Technology Commission, and related domestic

On August 31, the 3rd International Aero-Engine Forum, co-sponsored by the Department of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Aviation Development Science and Technology Commission, and related domestic universities and scientific research units, opened in Changsha, Hunan. The theme of this forum is "to discuss new technologies, seek new cooperation, and jointly innovate the future". Nearly 300 people including 11 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professors, scholars and technical representatives in the field of aero-engine at home and abroad participated in the forum. Cao Jianguo, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Aviation Development Corporation, attended the forum. He Baoxiang, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, Li Hongxin, Deputy General Manager and Party Group Member of China Aviation Development Corporation, and Liu Xinyan, Deputy Director of the Second Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attended the forum and delivered speeches.
He Baoxiang said that Hunan attaches great importance to the development of the aero-engine industry, and strives to build a coordinated development model of the whole industry chain of "general aviation and R&D and manufacturing + small and medium aero-engine R&D and manufacturing + key parts manufacturing + general aviation operation" with Hunan characteristics. Hunan will join hands with AVIC to seize development opportunities, make good use of the pilot results, and jointly compose a wonderful chapter of industrial cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, and create a bright future for the aviation engine industry.
Li Hongxin said that the current engine development is facing unprecedented new requirements and challenges, and only collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation can create the future. China Aviation Development has always adhered to the development idea of ​​"small core, large cooperation, specialization, and openness", and is committed to building the forum into a high-level, high-level and high-influence academic and technical exchange platform, and cooperates with domestic and foreign advantageous enterprises, universities, Scientific research institutes will expand cooperation space, share development opportunities, and create a better future.drone with bombs
Liu Xinyan said that the aero-engine industry has significant economic benefits and plays a major driving role in the high-quality economic and social development. It is hoped that aero-engine enterprises will adhere to open cooperation, increase technical exchanges, jointly promote the overall progress of the aero-engine field, and promote the development of the global aero-engine business. We hope to give full play to the advantages of the forum platform, discuss new trends in technological development, discuss new scientific research achievements, and seize new opportunities for win-win cooperation.
This forum consists of a main forum and five sub-forums. On August 31, 5 academicians including Academician Yin Zeyong, Director of China Aviation Development Science and Technology Committee, Academician Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Academician Tan Jiubin, Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, Academician Gong Shengkai, Professor of Beihang University, Academician Zhang Weihong, Vice President of Western University of Technology, and GE, Luo Luo, Honey Aero-engine experts from domestic and foreign companies and universities such as Weil shared the latest concepts and technological progress in their respective professional fields at the main forum or through online video. Nearly 400 people from more than 20 branches of AVIC's affiliated units, domestic scientific research institutes, and colleges and universities watched the live broadcast of the forum through video. On September 1st, there will be well-known experts from domestic and foreign aero-engine research institutes and universities in five fields: new energy and new configuration aviation power, new materials and new processes, gas turbine technology development, aviation power transmission technology development, and general aviation engine development. An academic exchange report will be made at the sub-forum.anti drone laser system

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