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The 2023 Hunan (International) General Aviation Expo has concluded. Let’s relive these wonderful mom


introduce: On September 22, the 2023 Hunan (International) General Aviation Industry Expo with the theme of "Leading a Better Life through General Aviation" opened in Changsha, Hunan. Shen Xiaoming, Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee,

On September 22, the 2023 Hunan (International) General Aviation Industry Expo with the theme of "Leading a Better Life through General Aviation" opened in Changsha, Hunan. Shen Xiaoming, Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, announced the opening of the expo. He Shengqiang, member of the aviation industry party group and deputy general manager, attended the opening ceremony. Yang Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Aviation Industry General Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Zhou Xianfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager, Chen Xiaoyi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager, Li Dongtao, Deputy General Manager, Hu Wanlin, Chief Accountant; leaders of Changfei, Hafei, AVIC UAV and other units Attend relevant events.
This expo is co-sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Bureau of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, the Department of Commerce, the National Defense Mobilization Office, the Airport Management Group, the Changsha Municipal Government, the Zhuzhou Municipal Government, and AVIC General Aircraft Co., Ltd. , attracting nearly 400 upstream and downstream enterprises and institutions from the general aviation industry to participate in the exhibition.
Tongfei exhibition area
At this air show, Aviation Industry General Aviation exhibited large, medium and small general aircraft and manned airships represented by AG600 "Kunlong", Y-5B fire-extinguishing type, AG100, SR20, and AS700. Through real aircraft, models, multimedia, etc. In various forms, the development results of the general aviation industry and aviation emergency rescue equipment system are displayed in series.
The "Kunlong" AG600 aircraft is a major aviation equipment developed for the national emergency rescue system and natural disaster prevention and control system to meet the urgent needs of forest fire fighting and water rescue in my country. It has completely independent intellectual property rights. The aircraft adopts the typical layout of an amphibious aircraft with a single-hull fuselage, cantilevered upper monoplane, "T"-shaped tail, and retractable landing gear at the front three points. In addition to forest fire fighting and water rescue, it can also be used in marine law enforcement, environmental monitoring, island and reef transportation and other fields after modification.
The Yun-5B fire-fighting aircraft is based on the Yun-5B aircraft as the basic platform and is equipped with aviation fire-extinguishing bombs and photoelectric pods to form a new type of "inspection and attack" fire-fighting aircraft. It is in the trend of the country vigorously promoting the construction of the emergency rescue system. It came into being. This type of aircraft has functions such as fire prevention, patrolling and guarding, fire extinguishing/isolation, and visual information transmission. It highlights the role of regular patrol patrols and information transmission as well as the characteristics of "hit early, hit small, and hit". It can be used with AG600 aircraft, helicopters, etc. "High-long-range aviation emergency rescue equipment" echoes to form the capability of "low-altitude, short-distance and extensive Jetta emergency rescue".
The AG100 adopts a conventional aerodynamic layout of a lower single wing, a low horizontal tail, and a single vertical tail. The main structure is made of glass fiber and carbon fiber composite materials, and uses a fixed front three-point landing gear. In terms of cabin layout, it is completely designed for the characteristics of flight training. It adopts a three-seat layout and innovatively proposes "third-seat training capability" to greatly improve the training effect; the avionics system adopts Garmin's G3X system, which meets the requirements of flight training. At the same time, the cost is greatly reduced; the entire aircraft is equipped with a parachute as standard, a cockpit anti-roll frame is added, and an EAD aluminum honeycomb energy-absorbing module is installed under the seat, which greatly improves human and machine safety.CM 401 Anti Ship Missile
YJ 12 Anti ship Missile
anti drone laser system
The AG50 aircraft takes the opportunity of my country's vigorous development of the general aviation industry, insists on deepening the structural reform of the supply side of general aviation, and is tailor-made to meet the market needs of aviation clubs, general aviation companies, flight schools and private flights. It is a high-safety, high-comfort, Low cost light sport aircraft.
The domestically produced Cirrus SR20 aircraft stands out in the fleet with its superior performance, ultra-high safety, comfort and durability, as well as its complete maintenance system, and its advantages of seamless application in a variety of scenarios, making it a global leader. A total of 8,500 aircraft have been delivered to more than 60 countries/regions with a total flight time of more than 11 million hours, accounting for more than 60% of the market share of the same type of aircraft. It is equipped with a complete parachute system and has also shown excellence in domestic aircraft flight training. Advantage.
The AS700 manned airship is a type of manned soft airship independently developed by Tongfei. Through thrust vector control, it can achieve mid-air hovering and short take-off and landing. The AS700 manned airship will complete the airworthiness certification process by the end of 2023 and is scheduled to be put on the market next year. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for multiple purposes in one boat. It is mainly used in tourism, aerial advertising, aerial geophysical exploration, emergency rescue, ocean monitoring, cargo transportation and other fields.
wonderful moments
On the day of the opening ceremony, AVIC General Aviation signed a sales contract for 5 AG50s with Shandong Times Low Altitude Company; at the low-altitude economic development forum, Li Dongtao, deputy general manager of AVIC General Aviation, gave a speech titled "Developing Low-Altitude Economy, Promoting Consumption Upgrading, and Helping Chinese-style "Modernization and High-Quality Development" keynote speech, based on the current low-altitude airspace management reform policy environment and new development trends in the low-altitude economic field, discussed the development of the general aviation industry with government leaders, industry experts, and business people who are concerned about the development of the low-altitude economy.
During the period, Hunan Aviation Manufacturing Cooperation Matchmaking Conference, Hunan General Aviation Industry Investment Forum, General Aviation Industry Chain Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference, New Product Launch Conference and other activities were also held to comprehensively create a good atmosphere for low-altitude economic development and create a A holiday event for navigation people. On September 23, at the 2023 Hunan (International) General Aviation Industry Expo Appreciation Dinner and Awards Ceremony, Aviation Industry General Aviation won the General Aviation Innovation Award.
The atmosphere at this Hunan Air Show was full, and the Tongfei booth was extremely popular. Parents brought their children to "explore the museum", and there were long lines of children waiting to watch. People of all sizes "chasing planes" took out their cameras and acted in unison!

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