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Speech by Chairman Lin Zuoming at the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 World Drone Congress


introduce:Dear leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,good afternoon everyone!Approved by the China Association for Science and Technology, the 2019 World Drone Congress was held today in Shenzhen, the world's unmanned aircraft capital. Here, on b

Dear leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

good afternoon everyone!

Approved by the China Association for Science and Technology, the 2019 World drone Congress was held today in Shenzhen, the world's unmanned aircraft capital. Here, on behalf of the China Aviation Society, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the convening of this conference and warmly welcome the guests.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, drones are no longer strange to us. In all fields of society, the market and application prospects of drones are expanding. Today, it can be said that the development of drones has ushered in the "best era." Many hot topics in the field of science and technology are carried out around drones. Various application scenarios based on drones have spread throughout all walks of life. In the world, the drone industry has entered a stage of rapid development and plays an indispensable role in today's social and economic development.

Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, China's development of the UAV industry is at the forefront of the international market. At present, it represents the world's advanced level in terms of market share, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, application breadth and depth. The successful World UAV Conference in Shenzhen will accelerate the take-off of the UAV industry and contribute Chinese wisdom to the development of the world UAV industry.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed tremendous advances in the combination of artificial intelligence and drone technology, and further confirm that digital technology advancement and the transportation technology revolution are inextricably linked. The advancement of human science and technology, in a sense, has always been triggered by the imitation of human beings and the continuous expansion of human important physiological functions. Traffic and communication are the two most important physiological functions of human beings. The continuous expansion of human needs for these two important functions is an important driving force for the advancement of human science and technology. In modern times, communication technology and transportation technology have made rapid progress, making human evolution and development into a new era.

Throughout the several revolutions in transportation technology in modern times, each revolution has its own characteristics and a certain commonality. The important commonalities can be summarized as follows: Every transportation technology revolution will be integrated with contemporary communication technology and information technology advancement, making transportation technology equipment more efficient, convenient, economic, popular and popular. At the same time, it has issued a strong industrial economic power.

The first modern transportation technology revolution marked by the application of steam engines and the redefinition of roads and buoyancy materials, accompanied by the advancement of the first communication technology marked by the emergence of telegraphs; the use of internal combustion engines as a symbol and Frey Derek Taylor Scientific Management's modern second-generation transportation technology revolution that redefines industrial production, accompanied by the second modern communication technology advancement represented by the emergence of telephone; marked by the application of turbine engines and flight propulsion The redefined third modern transportation technology revolution, along with the advent of electronic computers, marks the third modern communication technology advancement.

Looking forward to the fourth transportation technology revolution, the application of electric power will become an important trend. The use of hybrid or full-electric power for aircraft and the redefinition of flight operations using AI technology are likely to be the most compelling and important features. There is no doubt that intelligent drones are the most prominent pioneers of this transportation technology revolution. New energy storage batteries, hybrid electric propulsion technology or all-electric propulsion technology, once applied to general-purpose aircraft, combined with new AI technology and Internet technology mean that the technical barriers to maneuvering aircraft will be melted, the aircraft's short-range/vertical take-off and landing capabilities and operational convenience will be greatly enhanced, aircraft noise reduction and clean emission levels, as well as aircraft safety, Reliability will be greatly improved; general-purpose aircraft will become a city residents' transportation essentials or household consumption upgrades with a new attitude.

The revolution in transportation technology in modern times has been like a crop. There is a "small season" and there is a "big season" that develops in a wave-like manner. After the "small season" of the third transportation technology revolution of the turbine engine, the fourth air-electric hybrid technology or the all-electric propulsion plus AI technology air traffic technology revolution will once again become a consumer product into thousands of households. Big season." This will inevitably be reflected in the popularity of hybrid electric vehicles and even all-electricity to promote general-purpose aircraft, and it is likely to bring a market of up to 100 billion US dollars for the social economy. In the process of welcoming the arrival of this era, the development of drones today plays the most important prelude.

Friends, getting rid of gravity is the eternal dream of mankind. On the eve of this great change, let us work together to contribute new power to the development of the world's drones; let us firmly play the synergy of globalization, together Welcome to the beautiful new life brought about by the fourth revolution in transportation technology to human society. Finally, I wish the 2019 World Drone Conference a complete success!

thank you all!

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