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Six Measures to Strengthen Management of Pesticide Spraying UAV


introduce:Recently, Shen Jianping, an expert in the UAV industry, pointed out at the first Civilian UAV Management Research Forum and the 2015 China UAV System Summit that with the continuous development of intelligent agriculture, pesticide spraying UAV have gradu

Recently, Shen Jianping, an expert in the uav industry, pointed out at the first Civilian UAV Management Research Forum and the 2015 China UAV System Summit that with the continuous development of intelligent agriculture, pesticide spraying UAV have gradually become a rigid demand. How to strengthen the scientific management of pesticide spraying UAV has become an urgent problem to be solved.

As a large agricultural country in the world, China has 1.8 billion acres of basic farmland and needs a large number of agricultural pesticide spraying operations every year. As advanced agricultural pesticide spraying equipment at home and abroad, pesticide spraying UAV has a promising application prospect in China. However, the basic scientific research, such as agricultural aircraft manufacture and related spraying technologies, lags behind and cannot form scale benefit.

At present, the application level of agricultural aviation in China is relatively low. On the one hand, the number of agricultural aircraft in China is small, and the cultivated land area of agricultural aviation is small; on the other hand, the supporting technology and policy system of agricultural aviation is not perfect. In addition, pesticide spraying UAV has the characteristics of high frequency, wide distribution, great influence and difficult management. Shen Jianping said that the use of pesticide spraying UAV in China's agriculture is a rigid demand that can no longer be suppressed. However, the following three problems need to be solved:

First, the pesticide spraying UAVs is mostly developed from the aeromodelling, and the boundary between the pesticide spraying UAV and the remote-controlled aircraft is not obvious. In addition, the present airspace management method of UAV cannot be applied to pesticide spraying UAV, so it is urgent for the relevant management departments to establish a reasonable and convenient management system for pesticide spraying UAV.

Second, there are hundreds of pesticide spraying UAV manufacturers in our country, but only 5-10 manufacturers can produce the core components of the flight control system. There are obvious bottlenecks in the production of pesticide spraying UAV in China.

Third, pesticide spraying UAV basically uses 2.4GHz radio frequency, but there are many frequencies used simultaneously, which results in serious frequency mixing, so it is necessary to carry on the unified regulation management.

Suggestions on Scientific Management of Pesticide spraying UAV:

Ye Xiaolong, deputy director of the Public Order Department of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau's Public Security Management team, said that relevant management agencies should establish a comprehensive UAV management platform to enable the UAVs to fly in a reasonable and lawful manner. At the same time, the UAV management classification and management standards should be issued as soon as possible, and the relevant punishment measures should be defined to build an orderly development environment for UAV development.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a message in April this year, which stipulates the frequency band of UAV system in our country, and sets aside 840.5-845MHz 1430-1444MHz and 2408-2440MHz frequency band for UAV system.

So, how to further strengthen the scientific management of pesticide spraying UAV? Shen Jianping pointed out that it should be carried out from six aspects, such as manufacturers, operators and technical standards.

First, it is suggested that the pesticide spraying UAV should be defined as "suspended plant protection machine" and managed according to agricultural machinery. Set up pesticide spraying UAV association as soon as possible (suspension plant protection machine).

Secondly, the flying function of pesticide spraying UAV is restricted, and the altitude, speed, distance and area of UAV are restricted. The flight state of UAV can be monitored in real time and automatically alarm when entering the no-fly zone, which makes the UAV cannot be used other than spraying pesticide.

Third, apply for special radio frequency of agricultural aviation industry, avoid the interference of remote control signal and cause the hidden danger of safety.

Fourth, establish the national or industrial agricultural UAV technical standards, distinguish the suspended plant protection aircraft from the model plane from the technical.

Fifth, strengthen the management of operator certification of pesticide spraying UAV (suspension plant protection machine). Enhance training on the safe use, maintenance and environmental impact of pesticide spraying on UAVs.

Sixth, the production license management of pesticide spraying UAV and flight control manufacturers should be strengthened, and the record system of UAV use and user management should be established.

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