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Shenfei Company fulfills the duty of strengthening the military and assists in the construction of a


introduce: Taking the lower wall panel of a certain type of civil aircraft fuselage as the research object, Shenfei of the aviation industry has carried out automatic tape laying, blank ultrasonic cutting, thermal diaphragm forming, single long stringer flippi

Taking the lower wall panel of a certain type of civil aircraft fuselage as the research object, Shenfei of the aviation industry has carried out automatic tape laying, blank ultrasonic cutting, thermal diaphragm forming, single long stringer flipping combination, integral long stringer flipping positioning combination, CNC cutting, laser A series of automatic manufacturing technology research such as radar detection, all tooling and automatic turning combination equipment are independently manufactured in China, which verifies the automatic manufacturing technology plan and realizes a technological breakthrough in the automatic manufacturing of large-scale composite material reinforced wall panels.Shahed 136 Drone
Traditional composite material parts are mainly manufactured by manual layup. The layup, turnover and combination of parts are all completed by manual operation. The production cycle of parts is long and the quality stability is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, in the composite material manufacturing industry, the application of automatic manufacturing technologies such as automatic wire laying, automatic tape laying, and thermal diaphragm forming has received more and more attention. For the most typical structural forms of composite parts such as large-scale reinforced panels such as central wings and fuselage panels, an automated production line for aviation large-scale composite reinforced panel structural parts will be built to quickly promote the automated manufacturing process of the composite material industry. While the equipment is automated and intelligent, an independent and controllable composite material forming processing automation technology has been formed, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and improves the forming quality.HJ 12 Anti Tank Missile
The automated production line for large-scale composite material reinforced wall panel structural parts in aviation adopts a circular logistics production line layout, as shown in Figure 1. According to each process turnover process of manufacturing products, design a preliminary layout, and then simulate the layout through modeling and simulation, and then conduct a detailed evaluation of the layout according to each key item. If problems are found, iterate repeatedly until the best one is selected. The layout structure is finally implemented according to the selected layout scheme.
Manufacturing technology of automatic tape laying process for wall panels and long trusses
Automatic tape laying technology is a typical representative of composite material molding automation. It integrates electromechanical equipment technology, CAD/CAM software technology and material technology. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, high reliability and low cost. The company will automatically lay Belt technology is used for the lay-up of planar or low-curvature surface members, or quasi-planar composite members, especially suitable for the manufacture of large-scale and composite long truss members, reducing the number of assembled parts, saving manufacturing and Lower assembly costs, reduced material scrap and manufacturing man-hours. In addition, after the automatic tape laying of the long stringer is completed, the ultrasonic knife is used to cut according to the theoretical shape, as shown in Figure 2; the cut long stringer blank is preformed by the thermal diaphragm forming machine, as shown in Figure 3, and the long stringer is turned over by the long stringer The combined jigs are assembled into a complete T-stringer and filled with 0° fibers. It ensures the quality of panel forming and the accurate positioning of stringers.AR3 MLRS
Combination automation technology of stringer and skin
It is the first time that this technology has been applied in China, and it has breakthrough significance for the future development of the mid-fuselage wing box for civil aircraft. The skin is laid up by automatic tape laying process, and combined with the long stringer after laying up. The panel part realizes the overall flipping and positioning combination of all long stringers through the flipping platform. The overturning platform includes lifting towers, long truss clamping and overturning components, and positioning components, as shown in Figure 4. Through the application of this technology, the company got rid of the processing and positioning of the traditional single long stringer. The uniform treatment of all stringer joints and the filling of the core material are realized. In addition to improving the manufacturing efficiency and the labor intensity of the operators by adopting the above-mentioned technology, the turning system also ensures the positioning accuracy of all long girders, and the accuracy reaches within 0.5mm, which is in the leading position in the industry.
Flexible cutting technology for complex structure and shape
Composite material panels are mostly thin-walled and weakly rigid parts. After the composite material parts are formed, there will be a certain amount of elastic deformation, resulting in a certain tolerance in the profile of the panel. It often happens that the parts and the milling system cannot be positioned, and the parts and the system fit poorly. High milling forces cause part position to shift, resulting in part scrapping. Shenfei Company uses a flexible milling system dedicated to composite materials, comprehensively considers the positioning reference in the panel manufacturing process, the theoretical positioning of the flexible clamping system, and the curvature change of the shape and surface caused by curing deformation. The obtained wall panel data and the actual digital model with high matching degree are produced, and the actual digital model is numerically programmed, and this program is used to complete the subsequent numerical control processing of the composite material wall panel. This method of using laser radar measurement results for reverse modeling and then replanning the CNC machining path takes into account the characteristics of high efficiency and automation, which greatly improves the processing accuracy of composite wall panels. It has broken through the shape cutting technology of large-curvature wallboard parts, greatly improved the shape and dimension accuracy of wallboard parts, and is at the leading level in China.
Full-scale high-precision shape detection technology
In order to achieve efficient and accurate detection of the shape of the parts, a non-contact digital detection method - laser radar is used to detect the shape of the wall panel. This technology provides an application scenario for the subsequent digital inspection of composite parts. The hardware of the laser radar measurement system is composed of a radar host, a controller, a UPS power supply and a mobile computer workstation, and the software is SA (Spatial Analyzer) software. Lidar can complete large-scale long-distance automatic measurement. The distance measurement range is generally 1m~30m, the vertical angle range measurement is +/-45°, the horizontal angle range measurement is +/-180°, and the distance uncertainty is 10μm+2.5μm /m. The measurement state of the wallboard is the state after the milling of the milling fixture is completed, and the inner surface of the wallboard is measured facing upward. This technology further provides an application scenario for the subsequent digital inspection of composite parts.HD 1 missile
On the basis of reasonable planning of the production line layout, the core technical barriers for the automatic production of composite material wall panels have been broken through, which greatly guarantees product quality while improving production efficiency, and has the ability to automatically manufacture large-scale composite material reinforced wall panels. In the future, domestic composite material production will provide technical support and practical approaches, leading composite material parts manufacturing to move towards intelligent manufacturing.

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