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RainbowCH-7 stealth drone is a rising star in the world


introduce:China's Rainbow seven (ch-7) UAV is a high altitude, subsonic, stealthy, long-range unmanned reconnaissance and strike system, which can carry out continuous reconnaissance, alert detection, air defense suppression, combat support, launch or guide ot

China's Rainbow seven (ch-7) uav is a high altitude, subsonic, stealthy, long-range unmanned reconnaissance and strike system, which can carry out continuous reconnaissance, alert detection, air defense suppression, combat support, launch or guide other weapons to strike key targets in dangerous environment. Rainbow CH-7 UAV is a rising star who has many mature cutting-edge advantages.
Rainbow CH-7 UAV has good stealth performance
Rainbow CH-7 UAV is a rising star from a famous school, with many mature cutting-edge advantages
Rainbow CH-7 UAV is an aviation equipment which is positioned as strategic information support and key target strike based on the key technologies of Rainbow series UAV and domestic aerodynamic, stealth and tailless flight control. It can accurately compress the detection distance of enemy radar and continuously suppress the enemy's air defense firepower, thus greatly improving the efficiency of information operation.
According to the information disclosed by rainbow company, rainbow CH-7 UAV is 10 meters long, with a wingspan of 22 meters, the minimum takeoff weight of 13 tons, the payload of 1 ton, the maximum cruising altitude of 13000 meters, and the maximum speed of 0.75 times the speed of sound. In general, it can cruise at 0.5 times the speed of sound at high altitude. Some people may think that this speed is far inferior to the index of manned fighter and has limited effect. But the rainbow-7 is not winning at speed. Rainbow-7, as a rising star in the new UAV, is the focus of the public.
According to the sources of AVIC science and Technology Institute 11, rainbow CH-7 can use the method of built-in magazine loading to perform stealth penetration mission. In the future battlefield, rainbow CH-7 stealth flying wing UAV can give full play to the stealth characteristics and conduct early detection in the target area without being found The rainbow-7 UAV is equipped with a built-in bomb chamber. It can choose to launch anti radiation missile, air to ground missile, long-range bomb or anti-ship missile to destroy the target according to the operational requirements. Rainbow-7's powerful weapon loading capability enables it to carry a variety of Advanced Reconnaissance loads and sufficient strike weapons, and carry out the mission of "reconnaissance as strike" for the key targets of the enemy. It can also obtain strategic information intelligence and military situation, and then provide accurate information to other weapons to guide them to strike strategic targets.
Rainbow CH-7 integrated UAV brings us more surprises than these. According to rainbow UAV experts, rainbow CH-7 UAV continues the mature performance features of Rainbow series UAV, such as high reliability, high attendance, general ground station and full automatic control, and integrates new wing control technology in this new UAV. The UAV is connected with rainbow CH-3 drone, rainbow CH-4 drone, and Compared with rainbow CH-5 drone, the classic flying wing stealth layout design is used, and only a few countries have the potential to break through this difficult technology.
Compared with the rainbow and pterodactyl UAVs designed before, rainbow-7 is more forward-looking. According to an interview with foreign media, experts said that the UAV was designed considering the needs of the ship and made a detailed differentiation design. Rainbow-7 can be improved to be a ship borne reconnaissance drone, a ship borne refueling drone and a ship borne attack drone. It is reported that the rainbow CH-7 carrier based aircraft is currently in the stage of detailed design and trial production. On the air show, it is just a 1:1 equal scale model, but it is certain that the future of this rainbow CH-7 carrier based aircraft is full of infinite possibilities.
Shipboard UAV
If the Chinese navy is equipped with rainbow CH-7 integrated UAV, it will become more and more smooth to use ballistic missile to hit aircraft carrier over a long distance. Generally speaking, the most difficult thing for missile to hit aircraft carrier is accurate positioning aircraft carrier. Although China has developed its own Beidou navigation and positioning system, it does not need to be threatened by the U.S. shutting down GPS, but the satellite anti-interference ability is really worrying in wartime, and The over the horizon radar is easily disturbed by external factors such as weather, so the rainbow CH-7 UAV can prevent the disaster in advance.

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