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Longxin General Motors: uav-6 completes altitude test


introduce:Xv-6 unmanned helicopterIn October 2019, the new product of Zhuhai Longhua, a subsidiary of Longxin General Motors, the xv-6 high prototype unmanned helicopter completed the plateau test. It is reported that the xv-6 product has successfully completed the

Xv-6 unmanned helicopter
In October 2019, the new product of Zhuhai Longhua, a subsidiary of Longxin General Motors, the xv-6 high prototype unmanned helicopter completed the plateau test. It is reported that the xv-6 product has successfully completed the ground effect free hover and independent flight path test of the take-off weight of 220kg at the altitude of 5050m in yuzhufeng, Qinghai Province. During the test process of the project, the modules of the whole xv-6 system work stably, marking that the xv-6 has the ability to carry out rapid and accurate operation and operation on the plateau with an altitude of 5km.
Independent technology to fill the gaps in the field
It is understood that the western plateau of China is known as the roof of the world, with complex terrain and long year-round mountain closure period. The rapid and accurate delivery of materials in this region is a worldwide problem, especially the unmanned helicopter which can take off and land flexibly and adapt to the plateau landform and alpine climate conditions is a blank in this field. One of the difficulties of the rapid and accurate delivery project of plateau materials is that the higher the altitude, the lower the atmospheric density. The atmospheric density of the 5000 meter altitude plateau is only 60% of the sea level, which will seriously affect the rotor aerodynamic efficiency and engine output power.
Longxin general xv-6 high prototype unmanned helicopter, through special technical breakthrough and field test, provides a new means for rapid and accurate delivery of materials in the region and fills a gap in the field.
It is reported that since 2017, Zhuhai Longhua has set up a joint team with Tsinghua team, Longxin aviation development team and leading direct flight team, successively carried out flight tests on three plateaus at the altitude of 4100m, 4600m and 5000m, collected key data affecting the performance of uav rotor system and engine control characteristics, and continuously optimized the plateau performance through the optimization iteration of intelligent hybrid power system 。
At present, the xv-6 has the ability to carry a 50kg mission load to take off and land vertically at an altitude of 5000 meters, and to fly for an hour in an independent track, which is equivalent to the ability to deliver about 75 13 type self heating rations for a single time within a 50km radius.
According to the introduction, Zhuhai Longhua has broken through many key technologies, such as the engine / transmission integrated hybrid power assembly, the fourth generation of high-performance composite rotor system with anti propeller tip, ADRC integrated flight control navigation system, direct drive electric variable pitch tail rotor, health and use monitoring system (hums) for UAVs, and ground station task planning and management system for complex tasks Obtained 13 national invention patents.
Orderly promotion of UAV business
According to the public information, the 200 kg class XV series unmanned helicopter developed by Zhuhai Longhua has flown for 2000 hours in total. According to the third quarter report, the UAV business of Longxin is carrying out in an orderly manner.
In terms of product research and development, according to the market feedback of plant protection work in some areas of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia this year, the XV-2 UAV optimized the flight control altitude control algorithm, improved the flight quality; strengthened the high pole crop operation ability through the optimization of navigation module; extended the flight control function, realized the inverted flight function, improved the operation efficiency; completed the fault and detection system( Hums) is designed and finalized to realize flight state perception, and wind resistance verification of high-speed rudder plus variable pitch tail rotor is completed.
The ground effect hovering test and self driving flight performance test of the xv-3 UAV from 4620 meters to 5000 meters above sea level have been completed to verify the plateau performance of the aircraft. The xv-5 UAV completed the trial production of several core components such as vertical tail and flat tail, and completed the high-speed cruise self driving flight test with a forward flight speed of 144km / h (air speed of 155km / h) in a place in Xinjiang in August. The newly developed small unmanned helicopter has completed land and water take-off and taxiing tests, and is carrying out independent take-off and landing tests as planned.
In terms of product promotion, Zhuhai Longhua participated in Chongqing's second Western China International Investment and trade fair, Beijing International dual-use equipment exhibition and the fifth Tianjin helicopter Expo. Zhuhai Longhua and China Mobile Zhuhai branch have jointly started the application research and development of 5g + UAV mode in the fields of communication support and data transmission, and actively expanded the application of new research and development of small unmanned helicopter products for river patrol inspection.
In terms of pilot training, the industrial UAV professional training organization established by the company has successfully passed the on-site audit of China AOPA (China Association of aircraft owners and pilots). In August, the company obtained the "Temporary Qualification Certificate of civil UAV pilot training organization training".

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